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Cleaning services in Tallinn

Cleaning service

AVGroup offers cleaning services for apartments in Tallinn. Due to the constant immersion in work, we are increasingly experiencing a lack of time, that is why cleaning services are gaining immense popularity today, by the townspeople.

Cleaning services for apartments in Tallinn

First, what we care about is safety:

  • You pay for cleaning services in Tallinn in a convenient way and receive a document, confirming payment;
  • the cleaning company draws up all personnel in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation - this protects personnel from arbitrariness and at the same time gives guarantees of individual responsibility.

In any conditions, this type of activity requires punctuality., attentiveness, deep understanding of even the most simple processes. To achieve maximum results, reducing lead times and achieving utmost cleanliness, our specialists are trained. Not everyone pays enough attention to this issue., but we believe this is the most important stage before admission.

After passing all stages of preparatory training, there is no doubt about the competence of a specialist.. There are no technical obstacles for him on the way to polishing surfaces of various types or when washing windows., skirting boards, doors, floors, heating radiators, lighting fixtures. Sometimes it seems, that it is sleight of hand and nothing more, but in practice, innate talents, not requiring mastering the profession, in this area we have not met, although there is a certain predisposition in some cases.

Cleaning of apartments in Tallinn

Thanks to well-functioning logistics, the order for cleaning is carried out quite quickly. At peak times, we organize planning and allocate time. If you need to hold events at a certain time, rest assured, that the deed will be done on time.

Cleaners activities (the profession has received such a second sound in our time) controlled from two sides. The first is the organization itself: flexible approach allows AVGroup to adjust its steps in order to improve quality. The other side is less obvious - customer reactions. Not only the internet, but word of mouth also serves as a clear and understandable indicator of our quality.

Cleaning activities can be schematically expressed as follows:

  • preliminary cost estimate;
  • determination of the cleaning time;
  • acceptance of the order;
  • visit of a specialist;
  • after specifying the conditions, the organization and the client agree on the final cost;
  • planned execution;
  • acceptance of the finished result.

Leave the cleaner alone in the apartment? No problem!

There are no cases in our organization, when the performer's behavior would be distrustful. Already at the stage of hiring, we evaluate not only professional, but also the moral qualities of a person. In addition, we do not pursue a policy of total economy., therefore, the performer's work is adequately paid - thus eliminating the main provoking factor.

Usually, our clients are no longer just dealing with experienced, but with very experienced performers, who pass on this experience to their colleagues. A unified work organization and a well-established scheme of interaction with the customer make the nature and result of the work of our cleaning company in Tallinn predictable.

Eliminating a number of contradictions, which a cleaning company may face, achieved impressive performance. It is convenient to cooperate with us, and we are not ashamed to admit it. Leave the keys and return to the acceptance stage - this is possible! Careful cleaning will keep your repairs looking its best. Professionalism and a high level of responsibility of the contractor allows you to leave his home for the entire period, taking care of their personal affairs at this time.

Space: what are the criteria?

The cost of a cleaning offer directly depends on the conditions. The price of cleaning an empty room after renovation differs from that, which we will offer for cleaning in furnished accommodation with sensitive décor elements.

Moreover, our cleaning company in Tallinn employs specialized professionals for certain types. Premises are not only residential or office, but also by production. Sometimes such activities may require special technical knowledge., so that the measures taken do not lead to the formation of damage, did not harm the customer's equipment.

The cost of cleaning is directly proportional to the area affected. By itself, tasks in one- or a two-room apartment will be, most likely, differ markedly, and the set of measures will not be equal to the volume of necessary actions when cleaning up.

The main criteria are as follows: area of ​​space, his appointment, features of its internal content.

Cleaning services in Tallinn: types and specifics of cleaning

There are two main types - supporting and general. The first is cheaper, but not as large-scale event, like the second. Our clients often use the support type several times a month., and periodically (of necessity) order a general.

The cleaner takes all the basic necessary funds with him, so there won't be any problems with windows, nor with "hidden" corners, not with a bathroom, not furnished.

As a rule, a specialist goes to order without a stepladder and other additional devices, as well as large-sized equipment. If some places require them, the customer usually takes care of their provision in advance - provides independently or negotiates with the executing organization.

However, This does not mean, that the cleaning company in Tallinn will not take care of it itself. When evaluating the conditions, the client will be asked appropriate questions: if necessary, then vacuum cleaner, a ladder or any other auxiliary equipment we will deliver separately for an additional fee.

Note the following: there are no obstacles for us, and in our business, to a certain extent, we can call ourselves the best in the city. The persistent one allowed to achieve this, painstaking daily work, sometimes without days off. In the course of development, it was possible to improve many performance indicators that are invisible to the eye., including the use of new environmental standards.



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