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Installation work in Tallinn

Installation / dismantling - windows, doors, baths, cabins, toilet, drywall

Construction and installation work in Tallinn is quite widespread.. In modern realities, this area of ​​construction and repair covers both work with residential real estate, civilian objects, so with infrastructure, production. This should also include the installation of complex equipment., as well as engineering systems.

Construction and installation works in Tallinn

Simplifying as much as possible the description of the activities during their implementation, the following general schemes can be outlined, on which the company works:

  • home construction, including basic measures for the construction of the foundation, walls; roofing;
  • assembly of the finished structure / equipment, which the object requires.

This diagram does not reflect the full depth, which involve construction and installation work in Tallinn, and AVGroup expects to provide some clarity. Should be considered, that in general the number of actions is large, and the forces of one, two or three specialists, even a wide profile, often not enough.

For work of a primary nature (for example, foundation erection) requires its own narrow-profile specialists (at least one, to set the direction), and tile requires a different professional. To achieve the best result, often even installation of different structures, located in the neighborhood, better to entrust to different masters.

Tallinn: when the apartment needs renovation

Installation work is integral, often the most important part during the decoration and renovation of an apartment. Our company forms the price list of installation works in accordance with, what specific service is required:

  • construction and installation work in Tallinn in an apartment in the common sense is the installation of drywall;
  • but this also includes the installation of doors and windows;
  • installation of baths and shower cabins;
  • toilet (toilet bowl), sinks and sinks;

The price in the price list reflects the total, average for each type of construction and installation work in Tallinn. Its change is possible in case of specific working conditions at the facility.. By itself, our company calculates the cost of construction and repair in advance, therefore he does not prepare any surprises - everything is in full view.

Installation work in Tallinn

Although finding a decent performer is not easy, making it much easier with our company. We involve only proven specialists in our work.. Each of them, year after year, confirmed their competence by disciplined, responsible work.

An important part of our company philosophy is to rely on decent people, after all, it is precisely these who often become the best masters, experts in their field. If this is editing - this is editing conscientiously. No conscientious AVGroup master hand over his work unfinished. Our company, in the course of cooperation with the masters, managed to achieve the desired level of mutual understanding, and you have a great opportunity to take advantage of the fruits of this cooperation.



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