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Complex repair works

From 30 € m2

This is one of the types of overhaul, which includes the entire list of overhaul services using inexpensive budget building materials.

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From 45 € for m2

Does not require large financial costs, provides for the renewal of the finishing wall coverings, floor and ceiling, replacement of sockets and switches, various decorative elements without any engineering changes to the premises.

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From 80 € for m2

Overhaul is a complex of works, aimed at troubleshooting technical problems, replacement of worn out components - windows, doors, heating pipes, water supply and sewerage. Replacement of electrical wiring, etc..

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From 140 € for m2

We design and redevelop structures of any complexity, we develop apartment design, houses, offices and other turnkey premises. We will help to realize even the most daring design ideas.

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Complex renovation in Tallinn

In any house or apartment, it is necessary to constantly maintain a good technical condition of the premises., and also periodically refresh the interior. Over time, not only finishes become obsolete. Utility networks and some structures may need to be replaced. Sometimes redevelopment is required to improve conditions. And if you are the owner of an apartment in a new building, in it, usually, not only decorative trim is missing, but also the layout of communications. To make your home cozy and comfortable, AVGROUP offers comprehensive overhaul services in Tallinn.

Comprehensive solution: from design to furniture installation

The space surrounding a person should be harmonious and properly organized., to bring positive emotions. For this, a detailed design project is drawn up before the start of complex repair work., including the arrangement of furniture and options for connecting household appliances.

The owner of the apartment can come up with and draw a project on his own or contact a professional organization. Our company employs engineers and designers, who will be happy to help in creating a project, taking into account the characteristics of the premises and the wishes of the customer.

When the end result is clear, we start the main part of the overhaul. It can last from several weeks to months, depending on the complexity of the task and its size.. At the end of the work, we carry out cleaning, we install furniture, connect equipment.

Complex or cosmetic: what is the difference

Redecoration involves only replacing the existing finish - wallpaper plywood, ceiling painting, laying laminate, tiles, etc.

Complex repairs are already radical changes. It includes more than just decorative trim, but also the replacement of communications, installation of new windows, doors, and often the redevelopment of premises.

List of works, which can be ordered from AVGROUP

  • installation of ceilings - plasterboard, suspended, tiered, etc.;
  • arrangement of boxes of various shapes;
  • alignment and decoration of walls, ceilings;
  • laying flooring;
  • installation of windows and doors, including non-standard;
  • wallpapering;
  • plumbing work, installation and connection of devices;
  • installation of electrical wiring, shield, sockets, switches;
  • installation of water supply systems, sewers, heating.

We will remove the old finish, carefully dismantle old windows, doors and pipes. You do not have to worry about the removal of construction waste. We'll take it out ourselves.

Complex repair stages

  • Departure of the master to the object at any time convenient for you, measurements, consultations.
  • Preparation of an estimate of the cost of complex repairs.
  • Coordination with the customer of the list of works and terms of their implementation.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Delivery of building materials to the object.
  • Execution of works by professional craftsmen under the guidance of a responsible foreman.
  • Delivery of the object to the customer, signing of the acceptance certificate.

The company provides a guarantee for 12 months, so that you live comfortably and calmly in a renewed environment.

Where to start repairs in your apartment

As in any important business, you need to start with a plan.. You can develop a project yourself or in a professional organization.

If you come to us with this task, the designer of our company will help to take into account many nuances, which you, as the owner of the apartment, can not guess about. This will combine ergonomic norms, technical features of the premises and creative ideas of the customer.

At the initial stage, we draw up a design project, in which it is written in detail:

  • apartment plan with existing and new partitions;
  • ceiling height;
  • dimensions and location of window and door openings;
  • floor structure;
  • placement of communications, plumbing fixtures;
  • luminaire installation locations, switches, sockets.

We coordinate all decisions with the customer, considering his wishes. For a clear presentation, the details of the future interior can be seen in the program with 3D visualization and the necessary adjustments can be made even before the start of work.

Benefits of turnkey repairs at AVGROUP

  • Professional execution of highly specialized tasks. No need to look for a master on the side, we will do everything on our own.
  • All employees have the appropriate permits and licenses, have the necessary qualifications.
  • We are always in touch and can quickly resolve any issue. You will be aware of everything, what is happening in your house or apartment.
  • We carry out all work on time. If force majeure circumstances arise, we will definitely inform you.
  • We use high-quality materials and modern technologies.
  • The price is fixed by the contract and remains unchanged until its expiration.
  • We leave behind a clean cleaned area, all rubbish will be taken out free of charge.

We adhere to a flexible pricing policy. Affordable prices for complex repairs in AVGROUP will save not only time, but also money.



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