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Installation of chandeliers, bra, etc.

Estimated cost: from 15 € / pc

Professional installation of chandeliers and sconces in Tallinn

Interior lighting plays an important role, therefore the lamps are selected carefully and for a long time. But for their long trouble-free operation it is important, how professional was the installation and connection. Installation of chandeliers, sconce, lighting fixtures in Tallinn at AVGroup is always a safe, reliable and high quality result.

What types of lighting devices we work with

Our staff undergo specialized training, has the necessary permits and is very responsible for each order. We install almost all types of popular household lamps:
  • Chandeliers - for creating shadowless lighting. There are overhead or suspended. Attached with a hook or perforated bar. If the weight of the device exceeds 5 Kg, powerful anchors are used.
  • Sconces - for highlighting illuminated areas in the room. Often used in low-rise rooms as an alternative to a pendant chandelier. Fixed to the wall on the mounting plate with dowels and self-tapping screws.
  • Spot - built into the ceiling by means of a small reflector shade. There is one energy-saving light bulb inside, thanks to which the surrounding area does not overheat and there is no danger of fire. Used on suspended or stretch ceilings.
  • Spots - small luminaires on a turntable. Creates a directional stream of light, therefore they are used for lighting or zoning a room. Surface models are attached to concrete or brick surfaces, recessed - to a suspended or stretch ceiling.
  • Track - moving, can move along a special tire, connected to the mains. Create accent lighting. They can often be found in cafes., shops, although track lamps look quite appropriate in a modern apartment.
When choosing a lighting option, you need to take into account not only the general concept of the interior., but also the possibility of fastening. If the ceiling is a reinforced concrete slab, it is forbidden to damage the working valve by chipping. The wiring is pulled either in the cavity of the structure, or is laid in an open way. In suspended or stretch ceilings, all communications are hidden under the finishing, therefore the wiring is arranged in advance. At the same stage, embedded fasteners are installed..

Features of mounting a chandelier on a stretch ceiling

Many doubt, can pendant or heavy luminaires be used, if the apartment has a film ceiling. Fears are completely in vain. There are no restrictions on the design and weight of the device.. The main condition is that embedded parts must first be installed, which can withstand the load, and electrical wiring. The second question of interest to all is whether the stretched coating will break during installation. We hasten to calm you down. Our craftsmen reinforce the cutting area with special stop rings, excluding material damage. And third - if LED lamps are used, power is not limited. They do not heat up, like incandescent bulbs, therefore, there is no danger of film melting or fire.

Chandelier installation steps

Installation is carried out in a specific sequence.:
  1. Assembling the structure, fixing arms with shades, screwing on lamps, if provided by the instruction at this stage.
  2. Phase distribution of conductors. If veins 3, then connection is possible to a two-button switch.
  3. Power outage, fixing the luminaire.
  4. Phase connection and functional check.

How much does it cost to hang a chandelier

Besides, that lighting devices have different designs, they are installed and connected in different ways. This applies not only to the wiring diagram, but also the characteristics of the room. When calculating the price for the installation of luminaires,:
  • ceiling material - reinforced concrete slab, drywall or stretch canvas;
  • what fasteners are needed - a regular or reinforced hook, mounting plate;
  • chandelier assembly - simple, medium difficulty or very difficult, with decorations, pendants, etc..
Expensive constructions require utmost care, that's why, considering the risk, the cost of their installation will be higher, than standard priced devices.

Installation of a luminaire at AVGroup

Here you can order the installation of lighting devices in Tallinn at the best prices. High-quality performance of electrical work of any complexity is guaranteed, professionalism and careful handling of fragile items.



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