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Electrician services

Estimated cost: from 20 € / hour

Electrician services in Tallinn

Wiring is out of order? The outlet does not work or you need to connect complex household appliances? Entrust the solution of these tasks to professionals. Here you can order the services of an electrician in Tallinn at the best prices and with a quality guarantee.

Electrical work at AVGroup

So that the devices work for a long time, and it was safe to use them, need an electrician with professional training. Each of our employees has a permit to carry out electrical work, highly qualified and extensive experience. We carry out:
  • laying or replacing electrical wiring;
  • installation of lamps, chandeliers, sconce;
  • installation of sockets, switches;
  • assembly of the electrical panel, junction boxes;
  • chipping walls for wiring and holes for sockets.
Upon completion of the work, we issue a service guarantee. You can count on free repairs, if suddenly some part of the system fails. This is extremely rare., as we strictly adhere to regulatory requirements.

How the cost of an electrician's services is determined

The price of electrical work depends on the specific conditions at the facility, complexity and volume of the order. Various factors are taken into account, including the hardness of the wall material, dimensions of holes and channels, as well as additional operations performed, e.g. dismantling old wiring. Therefore, the cost of the work of an electrician is determined individually for each customer.. So that you understand the principle of calculation, we start from the current cost of the electrical point (sockets, boxes, switches, etc.) and their quantity. For the installation of electrical wiring, not the number of points is taken into account, and the length of the molded products. Approximate prices for an electrician for each type of installation are given on our website.. You can finally clarify them after careful calculation., which will be conducted by our specialist during a visit to your apartment.

How to call an electrician at home in Tallinn

If you find a problem, call us and tell us in detail about the breakdown. The dispatcher will record your request and arrange a visit of the master at a convenient time for you. We accept orders for electrical repairs every day except holidays and weekends. The master arrives with his diagnostic equipment and the necessary instruments. We fix minor faults within an hour. More serious ones take time, but in any case, we try to fix the problems in one visit.

Electrician services in Tallinn

Safety should be the foundation of our lives. Do not take risks and do not look for a specialist on the side. If you need an electrician, contact AVGroup. We strictly adhere to the rules for the installation of electrical equipment, which will help to avoid a short circuit, current leakage and destructive interference. To quickly deal with the situation, here you can call an electrician with the necessary tools and spare parts. Remember, that the safety of you and your loved ones is the most important value, therefore rely on qualified craftsmen from AVGroup.



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