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Drilling holes for socket boxes

Estimated cost: from 10 € / pc

Drilling holes for socket boxes

When laying the wiring in a hidden way, sockets and switches protrude only slightly from the wall surface. For their installation, the nests must first be prepared.. AVGroup offers to order drilling of holes for outlets in Tallinn at the best price. The work is carried out neatly, efficiently and quickly.

What are socket boxes for?

For the installation of detachable devices, installation boxes in the form of a cylindrical bowl are used.. They are made of plastic or metal, perforated on the side or rear wall for cable routing from the supply line. The socket boxes are universal. They are used not only for the installation of outlets, but also switches, thermostats, dimmers, etc. Used in combination with a cover as junction boxes. Sockets protect connections from dust, moisture, contact with wall material. In wooden structures, only metal products are allowed to be installed, which do not support combustion. Standard box depth - 45 mm. If it is necessary to carry out additional wiring of wires with a tap to other lines, deeper cylinders are used.

Installation technology

During installation, the socket box with stripped conductors inserted into it is immersed in a previously prepared hole. When fixed in concrete, it enters quite tightly and is held by friction forces. Small ears are provided for mounting in plasterboard or decorative panels, which press the box to the surface from the inside. The sockets are installed one at a time or several pieces in a row. Convenient group boxes available for compact connection.

Where to place

You need to start installing the socket boxes only after developing a detailed plan of the room with the arrangement of furniture, household appliances, plumbing fixtures and devices. Recommendations for the location of the holes for the sockets:
  • in the living room, bedroom - at a height of at least 30 cm from the floor;
  • in the kitchen - above the work surface;
  • behind the refrigerator, stove, washing machine - individual connectors;
  • in bathrooms - not less 60 cm from shower, baths, shells;
  • in the children's room - at a height 1,8 m.
Switches are installed near doors at a distance 0,15-0,2 m from the edge of the wall and at a height 0,9-1,6 cm from the floor. An important detail - they must be located in the direction of opening, that is, near the doorknob. In closets, next to the sinks, it is not recommended to install sockets with metal pipelines and heating devices.

Rules for drilling holes for socket boxes

To obtain a socket of the desired diameter with quality edges, a powerful power tool is used - a hammer drill with a diamond drill bit. It can be used to process high-strength materials - concrete, reinforced concrete, brickwork. To drill a hole for a socket, markings are made on the wall beforehand. Bit diameter and drilling depth are selected according to the required socket dimensions. The drill rotates at very high speeds, at the same time, reinforcement and solid inclusions are cut quickly and accurately. During drilling, the cutting tool is cooled by air blast or water. The punch must be located strictly perpendicular to the surface, without distortions or backlashes. Work requires skill and skill from the operator. If you lack experience, you can ruin the tool and damage the wall., therefore, it is better to entrust drilling to specially trained people.

The price of drilling holes for sockets at AVGroup

The cost of installing boxes for sockets depends:
  • from the wall material - the most difficult to work with reinforced concrete;
  • on the complexity of the task - the location of points in a hard-to-reach place, at an angle;
  • on the number of holes, their depth and diameter.
In any case, the price matches those efforts, which are attached during the work. Here it is primarily customer-oriented., therefore accessible and understandable. Here you can order electrical work of any complexity, including a service for the preparation of strobes for socket outlets. We use modern productive tools from leading European manufacturers, we strictly adhere to technological standards.



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