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Assembling the electrical panel

Estimated cost: from 9 € / module

Electrical panel assembly in Tallinn

Electricity is supplied to end users through the switchboard. If it is correctly designed and correctly assembled, you can not be afraid of electric shock, damage to cable lines or fire in the home. Assembling the electrical panel in Tallinn at AVGroup is safety, high professionalism and responsible attitude to work at every stage.

Switchboard functions

Electrical panel - device, intended for distribution of incoming power to several consumers. In apartment buildings, the main board receives it from the transformer station and distributes it to the boards in the entrances or on the floors.. Then the electricity goes to the apartments, where there is also a shield, passing it on to end users, that is, household appliances. The electrical panel performs not only the distribution function, but also protective. It provides safety when using household appliances, and also saves the devices themselves from energy surges, overheating and short circuit. Installation of the electrical panel is carried out only by qualified electricians., have the appropriate permission and security group. Access to assembly and adjustment of equipment is prohibited for other persons..

What devices includes

The shield can be modular, that is, assembled at the factory from standard elements, or individual. Then it is assembled at the request of the customer.. When assembling the switchboard, the following devices are installed:
  • circuit breakers;
  • voltage monitoring relay;
  • protective voltage devices RCD or differential circuit breakers RCBO;
  • circuit breakers;
  • energy meter;
  • tires, terminals.
If low-voltage networks are present - cable TV, telephone, Internet - their components can be placed in a separate compartment. When installing automation panels, non-disconnectable lines, for example, security and fire alarm, life support systems, fridge, emergency lighting, intercom with video camera, etc., convenient to connect via separate bridges. Then, in your absence, in the event of flooding by neighbors or other emergency situations, the main power supply will turn off, and non-disconnectable electrical equipment will be in working order. In private homes, a power connection from a backup generator may be provided.. For this, a separate block is also installed..

How is the assembly of automation panels carried out

Before starting work, a project is drawn up, where all types of devices and their location are indicated. It is advisable to save the scheme, so that in case of repair, all information is at hand. Assembling the shield 220 starts with the installation of all protective devices and a double-pole switch disconnector with phase indicator. Further, distribution lines for consumers are installed. For powerful appliances - boiler, washing machine or dishwasher - it is recommended to install your own switches with RCDs or diff automatic machines. The rest of the lines are combined into groups, outlet managers, lighting and indoor climate. When assembling a three-phase shield, a four-pole switch is used, and the circuit itself consists of more elements, than single phase. Additional switching devices are installed, relays and contactors. Respectively, a larger cabinet and long DIN rails for mounting modules are selected. Assembling the shield 380 may need, if you use powerful equipment. Usually, the need for this arises in the private sector, where many energy consumers are hot water boilers, electric motors, pumps, customized machines for wood- or metalworking. Automation here is more complex and laborious to install..

How much does it cost to assemble an electrical panel

The price on our website is indicated on 1 typical module, therefore, it does not take into account all the nuances. We will be able to accurately calculate the price of assembling automation cabinets after evaluating the baseline conditions., design and determination of the scope of installation by our specialist. It is necessary to calculate the probable load currents, release and leakage settings, to select accessories and appropriate protective equipment. The standard solution may not suit you, but an individual project is required. But in any case, for customers, the cost remains very affordable and transparent..

Electrical panel assembly in Tallinn

In our company, electrical installation work of increased complexity is carried out by qualified craftsmen with the appropriate official permission and extensive experience.. We use only high-quality products from leading brands, which fully complies with Estonian standards. We offer to order electrical installation of panels from us at the best prices. Quality guaranteed, safety and strict adherence to all regulatory requirements.



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