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Installation of skirting boards

Estimated cost: from 4 € / м.п

Installation of skirting boards in Tallinn

The final stage during the finishing work is the installation of skirting boards. Their main function is decorative. Often they are mounted at the junction of the flooring and walls., but there is also the use of the ceiling version. Do not go out of fashion and get a second life for wooden skirting boards. This does not negate the widespread distribution of products from other materials..
  • Installing skirting boards in Tallinn often requires installing hardwood skirting boards - usually, the customer purchases them in advance.
  • Options for painting and varnishing are also common - then soft rocks are usually used, in particular pine.
  • Finished varnishing assumes, that only decorative veneer is wooden in the structure.
  • With complex bends, the use of wood is already losing its relevance - plastic is appropriate.
  • Also, good flexibility can be demonstrated by MDF. (MDF), which in Russian can be translated as medium density fiberboard - perhaps, now only MDF can compete in demand with plastic.

Plinth installation: how to do

Having decided, what material do you want to see as a decor for the joint with the wall, you set the nature of all the work of the artist. If plastic products can be cut with a clerical knife and even ordinary scissors, then the wooden material will need to be sawed. Pay attention when choosing skirting boards, that in the presence of ready-made wooden floors, laying the plinth of the same composition is most relevant, as the flooring. In this case, the aesthetic side of the question will not cause. But the use of colored bright plastic, obviously, would be inappropriate. However, it is permissible, in combination with a wooden surface, to mount skirting boards on a wood imitation floor. As described above for species typing, a good way out is decorative veneer. By choosing the desired sketch and color, it is quite possible to achieve maximum design match.

Installation of skirting boards in Tallinn: where to order

The time-tested skills of AVGROUP specialists should definitely grab your attention.. We recommend that you contact them before the stage of purchasing materials for the performance of work.. In this case, you are guaranteed not to receive a "hollow" result of your design ideas - it will meet your expectations. Important, that a trained experienced specialist does not take much time and strives to use this important resource in the modern world as efficiently as possible. Starting from the stage of drawing up a contract and until the delivery of work, you will clearly understand, how much, for what and to whom you pay. There are no hidden additional fees.. Installation of skirting boards, the price for which can be as low as possible, so high enough, will not cause unnecessary worries. An excellent result is obtained in a short time.! At the same time, we never exclude the occurrence of unforeseen situations and are always ready to meet the client as a person., and not just as a customer.

What else you need to know about floor work with joints?

Need to understand, that the renovation in the apartment should be at the final stage by the time of the execution of measures for the installation of decorative elements. The room must in many respects be prepared for skirting boards. All key wall and floor work (in many cases also with ceilings) should be generally completed. Otherwise, there may be completely unnecessary mechanical damage., изменение цвета изделия… Неоценимую помощь специалисту вы окажете, if you inform in advance about possible problems with corners and other subtleties. This will significantly speed up the work., because AVGROUP always strives for the ultimate in quality, even if it takes more time, than originally planned. We pay attention to every detail. Even the mounts are installed with their own specifics, depending on their type and material.



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