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Installation of plasterboard walls

Estimated cost: from 14 € / sq

Installation of plasterboard walls

Installation of plasterboard walls in Tallinn has a number of advantages. This type of interior partitions is also practical., and quality, and economical. Modern technologies of the finishing and construction sphere allow performing these works in a short time without loss of quality..
  • AVGROUP has been installing plasterboard walls in Tallinn for a long time, to help with the selection of quality materials.
  • An important feature of such partitions is their low weight..
  • GKL is resistant to moisture, can be placed in almost any room.
  • The smooth surface of the material and the ability to choose the desired width create flexible conditions for finishing.

Installation of drywall partitions: preparation

The sequence of actions when installing the gypsum board involves a thorough preparatory stage. The first step is the markup, with which the contour is outlined. Corresponding marks are transferred to the ceiling. It is imperative to verify the correctness of the markup performed - this is done using tools such as a level (laser or conventional) and plumb. The preparatory work also includes the installation of a profile for drywall (metal profile), which is designed to provide the necessary rigidity and stability.

Installation of drywall on walls - subtleties of plating

After completing the initial steps with the frame, you can pay attention directly to the process of arranging the sheets. AVGROUP strongly recommends starting with solid gypsum boards - our specialists do just that.. Sheets are mounted on metal guides of the frame with a standard predetermined fastening pitch. It can be more than 25-30 centimeters, however, for better structural strength, it is advisable to use 4-5 self-tapping screws for each meter. Do not part too, to avoid mechanical defects.

Plasterboard installation: putty

After filling the last sections with sheets, they proceed to the stage of filling. The surface must be flat, no obvious mechanical defects. You can wipe it, avoiding putting putty on a wet sheet, - it is better to wait until dry, if moisture lingers somewhere. When filling, it is necessary to fill with a mixture like all the seams between the gypsum board, so those positions, on which the fasteners are installed. The process must be carried out in a single direction, rather than changing it in the process. Wall mounting, uneven, is the optimal solution. If you choose the path of plastering until complete alignment, you can face a number of difficulties, especially in the future. A significant difference in layer thickness in different areas is undesirable and over time may require significant rework. It is for this reason that the frame method is preferable - it allows you to achieve the most even surface. This fact does not negate this possibility., like gluing drywall on walls. For this, special glue is used., and the surfaces themselves should not have irregularities and require careful processing.

How much does drywall work cost for 1 sq. m?

In the field of decoration and repair drywall, the price of work for which may vary depending on the complexity, itself can cost differently. The price varies not only due to the different quality composition of the material, but due to the varied thickness of the sheets. AVGROUP in Tallinn cooperates under a contract, therefore, the prices for the installation of drywall will not change after signing it upwards. The calculation is made in square meters.. This is a very important point., since hidden fees and markups are the scourge of market relations. We offer to use the services of a trusted contractor, giving a clear idea of ​​prices!

Installation of plasterboard walls in Tallinn: you can trust our prices

All prices, which you will see in our price list, are relevant. Details can be obtained from the experts of the AVGROUP company.. The preparation of estimates for the provision of services for the GCR equipment is carried out by experienced, proven specialists, you can trust with your eyes closed.



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