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Laying laminate or parquet

Estimated cost: from 8 € / sq
For AVGROUP, laying laminate and parquet flooring in Tallinn remains an important area of ​​activity. One of the most popular services for finishing and renovation works requires increased attention, since the durability of the floor, its current state significantly affects the quality of life. Curious fact! In some Scandinavian countries, when moving, the floor is dismantled and installed on the surface in new housing. A modern floor has a number of advantages:
  • laying laminate and parquet flooring in Tallinn is both a convenient and practical solution due to the high quality and widespread distribution of raw material processing methods;
  • floor covering is now much easier to install, than in the old days, due to which labor costs and cost have been reduced;
  • resistant to external influences - sunlight and moisture;
  • easy to clean;
  • wide range of colors and design forms;
  • possibility of safe additional installation of a warm field.

Laying laminate and parquet flooring in Tallinn at affordable prices: species characteristics

Experts often characterize variability by belonging to a particular class.. Those fall into two general categories - for residential and commercial buildings.. Three classes are hidden under these conventions.:
  • 21 – 23. Refers to living quarters. If the first of them assumes a small permeability in the room, then the last one is high
The service life is from one year to several years, depending on the operating conditions and the specific material selected. Another thing is the material for public / commercial premises, which can last up to 20-25 years.
  • 31 – 33. Often used in busy shops and offices, which does not in the least prevent you from purchasing it for your home. Truth, its cost will be slightly higher.
Parquet board also has its own conditional gradation., in which the key indicator is the resistance of the coating to the intensity of operation. However, there are already more classifications here, and mostly they are easy enough to identify even by their appearance. There is such a gradation:
  • rustic (knots reach diameter 0,5 cm, looseness and color differences are possible;
  • natures (knots with diameters up to 0,3 cm);
  • select (top grade, the uniformity of the pattern and color is close to the best possible, no knots);
  • radial / prime (top grade, uniformity of color and pattern is ultimate, the parquet board is selected according to the radial cut only).
By the type of cut, radial and tangential are distinguished. The first method allows you to achieve the most uniform, beautiful drawing, since the cut goes through the middle of the tree trunk. At the second, tangential method, it is carried out tangentially, which allows you to achieve better performance: the amount of material at the exit increases, but the aesthetic properties are reduced.

Installation of laminate or parquet. How to properly lay laminate flooring

Parquet works, as well as laminate, involve a sequence of mandatory actions. Non-compliance with the technological process leads to various consequences. Among which the most painful is the unpleasant parquet floor and its increased wear and tear.. Installing laminate, as well as parquet, assumes control of the temperature and humidity level before starting work. Next, the base is checked - lay down the laminate, since it is new, follows on the most prepared surface. Laying of a parquet artificial, as the most common, requires it to be done with attention to detail. maybe, sanding and varnishing will be required - procedures, which is reasonable to entrust to trusted specialists.

Laying laminate on parquet

Usually, in two cases it is required to lay it on top of the parquet:
  • if the board is irrational to restore;
  • if the conditions for the tree, including hollow, recognized as relatively extreme. These conditions include high humidity or a sharp change in temperature..

Laying laminate on a warm water floor

A very important episode in the installation work - actions with the substrate. The surface must be as flat as possible, otherwise, even an outwardly beautiful floor can disappoint the client already at the first use.. AVGROUP known cases, when the customer contacted the company for correcting other people's shortcomings, in particular the widespread squeaking problem. It is directly related to the uneven placement of the substrate.. Warm floor is especially sensitive to the substrate. By itself, the procedure for laying it is quite delicate., Needs accuracy and due care. Respectively, so as not to damage the heating structure, care is required when installing on top of a warm water floor. AVGROUP strongly recommends contacting specialists in this case even before the stage of purchasing the floor.. In this case, you can save on that, that you will not make a gross mistake - the board must be of the required thickness. Other characteristics also affect thermal conductivity., affecting the quality of the warm floor. Feel free to consult with experts. In this case, the price of laying laminate flooring may be significantly lower., than with optional miscalculations.



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