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Installation of a ceiling plinth

Estimated cost: from 5 € / p.m.

Installation of a ceiling plinth

To give a finished look to the uppermost part of the room during the renovation, the installation of a ceiling plinth is applied to the stretch ceiling. This stage is one of the final ones during finishing.. The ceiling plinth is designed to hide some roughness at the joints and, in general, to improve the home or office. The AVGGROUP company in the course of cooperation on this issue offers a number of advantages.
  • Electrical work in Tallinn is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
  • Baguette of any kind (polyurethane, plastic, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, plaster, wood…).
  • Exceptionally high quality service.
  • The price is formed based on the individual conditions and requirements of the client - this allows you to achieve the optimal cost.

Laying the ceiling plinth

Laying the ceiling plinth is a painstaking process. It requires a lot of attention at the stage of material selection., and in the process of direct preparation (it is better to glue on flat walls). Each joint must be carefully planned so, so that the process itself is extremely accurate. The experience of the master provides invaluable assistance in this matter.. If he has already repeatedly installed the ceiling plinth, then I am familiar with those subtleties, which can hinder a quality result. An exceptionally trained master is able to predict well the result of his actions..

How to glue a baguette

Gluing of a ceiling plinth (also in everyday life it is called ceiling baguettes) first of all, they follow the main idea - to decorate the room. It has not only a decorative meaning, but it can also carry a functional load. Even with the most ideal finishes, small, little things that are often invisible to the eye, which is quite appropriate to cover the friezes on the ceiling. Frieze (comes from the French frise) has its own architectural history and tradition. It stretches from the deepest times. Visually, the masses perceive them most easily through ancient Greek and Roman structures., which appear in various literature and films for people of all ages. This is part of the decorative composition, which has been widely used as a means of decorating the junction of the ceiling and wall in rooms for living and working. How to glue a baguette to the ceiling? For the answer, we turned to the masters, who have been working at AVGROUP for many years. They have enough experience not only for a superficial description of the technological process, but also for a detailed study of the subtle points in each specific situation.
  • When gluing a frieze, one of three main adhesives is used - polymer, acrylic, silicone.
  • Having decided on the type of glue, need to understand, when to mount the baguette - before wallpapering or already on top of them.
  • Next is the stage of direct mounting of the frieze.
  • Need to cut corners accurately.
  • Carefully remove any glue residues, so that there are no traces left on the ceiling, not on the material itself.
  • If necessary, the ceiling skirting boards are covered with a layer of paint.

How much does it cost to install a ceiling plinth

Since AVGROUP has long been successful in the market, the company always carries out the installation of the ceiling plinth in Tallinn on time and at an affordable price. Every master, out-of-order, already has many years of experience behind him, uses modern tools and up-to-date methodology. This is how a high level of quality is achieved.. The cost of mounting a baguette can vary widely. When choosing an adhesive mixture, usually, the specialist relies on his own experience. Savings in this matter are fraught with fragility for technical reasons. (glue may not adhere). And here is the choice of material, from which the frieze is made - this is already in its pure form the prerogative of the customer. From that, what kind of frieze do you choose for yourself, its appearance depends. There are also non-standard design solutions for baguettes., which also further complicates the complex of measures for its installation. The price may depend on the urgency of the order, but this rarely happens. AVGROUP has enough wizards, to provide the service at a convenient time for you. Pre-understand, how much does it cost to install a ceiling plinth, you can do it yourself. To do this, you need to decide on the type of baguette (first of all, here we are talking about the material), calculate the number of running meters and the number of joints. Additional plastering with painting is paid separately, custom-made gypsum frieze and installation of a frieze with curved bending lines. The price varies depending on the degree of departure from the standard 90 degrees, from the variety and number of bending angles. Pay attention to the fire resistance of building structures. Excessive savings on starting material for electrical work can lead to the purchase of a frankly poor quality. In addition, baguettes of a too low price category in a relatively short time lose their original shine..



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