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Major overhaul

Estimated cost: From 80 € for m2

Overhaul in Tallinn

Over time, building structures, engineering systems and individual elements of buildings wear out, partially destroyed. To maintain the good condition of the premises, it is necessary to replace damaged structures, modernization of engineering and technical support. Avgroup performs a major renovation of apartments, houses, offices and various residential premises in Tallinn at a high quality level and at reasonable prices.

What is overhaul

The purpose of the measures is to troubleshoot, physical and moral deterioration of dilapidated elements. They are replaced with new ones., more modern. Overhaul does not affect the supporting structures of the house - such, like a foundation, floors and walls. At the same time, after repair, operational properties are noticeably improved., increases comfort, increases the service life of both individual structures, as well as the whole building. All elements of residential buildings "grow old" at different times. But due to the high labor intensity and inconvenience for residents, repair work is most often carried out in the complex. Roof replacement scheduled, finishing, communications and equipment. It is recommended to move to another accommodation during the overhaul, due to power outages, water supply, heating, as well as noise throughout the day. Make home renovation easier, than a whole house. In addition to updating internal structures and technical networks, it is possible to carry out redevelopment, without affecting load-bearing walls. Weakening them in any way is strictly prohibited., as this may cause the collapse of the structures above.

Overhaul stages

Unlike cosmetic repairs, where only decorative trim is updated, capital is associated with large transformations. It is almost impossible to carry out all the work on your own.. Professional skills and equipment required. Therefore, in such a serious matter, it is better to trust a specialized company., where there are qualified personnel and the necessary equipment. The specialist comes to a meeting with the customer and takes the necessary measurements. At this preparatory stage, all important points are discussed., wishes and plans. Any changes to the redevelopment must be legalized in advance. Before starting the overhaul, it is recommended to develop a project with 3D visualization or a detailed drawing of the future interior. This will not only help visualize, What will the renovated apartment look like?, but also accurately indicate the location of the sockets, switches, lamps and household appliances. Then there will be no situation, that all sockets are lined with furniture, and the room is not well lit, as you would like. Capital repairs include the following types of work:
  • demolition of old structures and finishes;
  • erection of partitions (when remodeling an apartment);
  • laying new communications;
  • window replacement, doors;
  • preparation for finishing (plaster, floor screed, arrangement of boxes, etc.);
  • bathroom plumbing installation, kitchen, bathroom;
  • finishing.
Upon completion, furniture is installed, connecting electrical appliances, radiators, washing machine and dishwasher, shower cabin. After completion of all work, the customer accepts the object, signs the necessary documents.

How much does a major overhaul cost?

Before the start of global transformations, an estimate is drawn up, where all the work to be done is detailed. Costs for construction materials are taken into account, wages for dismantling and installation, delivery, loading and unloading. The list includes equipment connection, cleaning and garbage disposal. The price of an apartment overhaul consists of many components.. The main one is building materials.. They must be of high quality and durable., to serve for many years. Don't skimp on building materials., which will be under finishing or designed for long-term operation. They wear out faster, the higher quality, and if they are damaged, they will incur additional costs. A very important point is the qualification of employees, performing repairs. In inept hands, even modern technological materials can turn into a pile of garbage.. Therefore, when choosing a contractor, you need to rely not on the cost of work, and above all a good reputation and positive feedback.

Our services

Avgroup offers to carry out a major overhaul of apartments or turnkey houses at the best price in Tallinn. Entrusting us with this difficult, but much needed work, you can safely go about your daily activities, and we will take care of all the reorganization of your housing on our shoulders. The company employs specialized specialists with sufficient experience. We are always in touch and regularly inform our customers about the progress of the repair.. Just in time, your renovated apartment will be ready for occupancy, and we will issue guarantees. During the period of their validity, maintenance is free of charge.



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