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Estimated cost: From 45 € for m2

Redecoration in Tallinn

The regularity of cosmetic repairs is a given. You can't get away from her, if you need to keep the room in good condition. Time is merciless with wallpaper, walls in general, ceilings, floors and other less noticeable elements - cosmetic repairs in Tallinn will help. Easy to improve the interior, if the case is entrusted to a professional team. Cosmetic repairs are measures to renovate the premises. Often, when they talk about him, means working in ready-to-live rooms; however, it is impossible not to limit the use of the term itself. There is often a complex of activities behind these two words., next immediately after the rough finish. AVGroup is engaged in providing a wide range of services, therefore, can offer a complete turnkey renovation in Tallinn. At our disposal as highly specialized masters, as well as generalists. This is how it is possible to achieve maximum results.: from competent budgeting, thanks to what the price is optimum, before scrupulous work with details.

Redecoration in Tallinn: prices don't bite

Reasons, according to which people come to the idea of ​​redecorating the room, quite a bit of. The floor covering could have deteriorated, the wallpaper has taken on an undesirable look, the color of the ceiling has changed - to varying degrees, any material wears out over time. No one canceled and changing urgent needs. Room design can get boring over time, lose its relevance. The desire to keep up with the times is a normal desire, and many carry out planned inexpensive cosmetic repairs with enviable regularity. Prices for redecorating an apartment may depend on many factors. AVGroup will eliminate the most important of them - the arbitrariness of the performer. For the vast majority of works, we provide a solid price list, we conduct official accounting and do not make sudden adjustments to the total cost. Following the principle of decency, we count on, that our clients will respond in kind.

What is included in the cosmetic renovation of apartments?

Depending on the tasks, which the customer sets himself, the number and content of work may vary from case to case. But it is worth listing the main, which are often used.
  • Redecorating in Tallinn means starting with the dismantling of old finishing and building elements.
  • Installation of doors or restoration measures with them.
  • Replacing window openings (hollow profile with rigid PVC is often used now).
  • Plastering, alignment, painting, re-gluing wallpaper and other actions with walls.
  • Replacing the floor covering.
  • Installation of new decorative elements (skirting boards, modeling and stuff).
  • Refreshing or complete replacement of the ceiling structure.
  • Electric installation work: removal and installation of new sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, as well as the creation of additional outputs.

How much does cosmetic repair cost?

The above is a schematic representation of the general and main types of work.. But cosmetic repairs in Tallinn are often understood much more broadly.. The volume of those events, which the customer has planned, can turn out to be quite narrow, so very significant. Actually, and the price in this case also varies, is directly dependent on requests. The cost of the materials used and the nature of the work may vary. Based on the results of the departure of the measurer, the estimate will be drawn up in accordance with your wishes. Easier to understand, how much does cosmetic repair cost, if you get information about the price of work per square meter. Some details (for example, replacement of sockets) can be prescribed separately (per unit of execution). Some can be excluded from the list of activities, which can reduce costs to a certain extent.

Redecoration in Tallinn: what do you get

First of all, AVGroup offers a responsible approach to solving the assigned tasks. We watch trends closely, which are traceable in the market, so we don't use outdated methods of work. It is very important, since it allows you to keep prices at an acceptable level, and give a high quality result. We also help the customer, within the specified budget, to select finishing and building materials of optimal quality.. We help to purchase the required quantity, so that the client does not incur unnecessary expenses - as you know, trash cans are full of "unnecessary" little things, which can cost a pretty penny. Together with an excellent result, you will receive a high level of organization.. Turnkey redecorating involves not only direct execution, but also a well-functioning complex of logistics and communication activities. It is impossible to exclude little things from cooperation, as they can stretch the repair, make it painful, increasing the total cost along the way is unacceptable. A trained specialist makes an assessment of the premises free of charge and in a short time.. We do not impose additional services, we do not put pressure on the townspeople who applied to us, we do not conduct an aggressive marketing policy. We adhere to the same rules within the company., therefore the masters work in comfortable psychological conditions. Eliminating unnecessary stress, easier to comply with agreed deadlines without compromising quality. Inexpensive redecoration is not a fairy tale, but reality. Certainly, you should always correlate your own requests with the real state of affairs on the market, and do not look for "free cheese in a mousetrap". But you don't need to think, that it is impossible to fulfill your desires, Having looked at some of the proposals superficially, it is worth referring to the experience of AVGroup.



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