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Redevelopment of premises

Estimated cost: From 140 € for m2

Apartment remodeling

Redevelopment of premises allows you to expand the living space, radically change the space, improve the comfort and safety of housing. Redevelopment of an apartment in Tallinn from AVGroup is a modern comfortable interior, created in compliance with all building and legal regulations.

What you need to redevelop an apartment

First step - this is a project development. Further contacting a specialized architectural company to draw up documentation, in this case, all documentation will be executed correctly, in compliance with the regulations in force in Estonia. When creating a project yourself, you will have to study a lot of information., which is difficult enough for an unprepared person. When redeveloping, you need to know the technical condition of the premises. Only a specialist can make an assessment. After that, a decision is made that, what work is possible to carry out, and which ones are not. Let's admit, you want to move the doorway to a different location. But there are a number of limitations, related to changes in the construction of the house. If the wall does not belong to the load-bearing, the opening can be arranged at your discretion. It is not forbidden to make openings in load-bearing walls, but not anywhere and not in all types of houses. Weakening of load-bearing elements is highly undesirable., therefore, all questions regarding changes in the layout are recommended to be resolved in the construction or architectural organization.

What does the redevelopment include

Upon receipt of official permission, you can:
  • completely dismantle or relocate non-load-bearing partitions, build new;
  • reshape, increase, move doorways;
  • install other plumbing equipment;
  • change the structure of floors in a house with wooden beams;
  • arrange mezzanines up to 40% from the area of ​​the room.
When redeveloping a bathroom, you can combine the bathroom with the toilet, removing the curtain wall. It is also allowed, when redeveloping a bathroom, to increase it by means of a corridor or non-residential premises.. It is allowed to reduce the area of ​​living rooms, for example, if you want to expand the corridor or kitchen. But such a decision must be made deliberately.. A window and a heating device should remain in the room, and its area cannot be less 9 sq.m.

What not to do during redevelopment

All measures and alterations must not impair the operational characteristics of the building., reduce its safety and negatively affect the operation of engineering systems. It is not allowed to violate the interests of neighbors, including during work - create noise at night, clutter up the stairs, shut off water without warning, etc.. Redevelopment is prohibited, if the house is a cultural heritage or is in disrepair. On the list of works prohibited by law:
  • complete or partial demolition of load-bearing walls and other loaded structures;
  • an increase above the permissible value of the loads on the building structure;
  • violation of fire prevention, sanitary and building standards during work;
  • connecting a water floor in an apartment building;
  • installation of water heaters on loggias and balconies;
  • restriction or complete blocking of access to technical premises, communications, counters, valves;
  • accession to the apartment of common building premises - staircases, attics, etc.;
  • arrangement of bathrooms above the living rooms of the lower floor or the kitchen.
Dismantle and remodel water systems- and gas supply is possible only after obtaining permission for these works. In gasified houses, it is forbidden to remove partitions between the kitchen and living quarters., leave an opening without a door leaf. There are no such restrictions in apartments with an electric stove., but on condition, that all plumbing fixtures will remain in the kitchen. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can be in such a situation, when redevelopment during repairs cannot be agreed upon. All violations found to be illegal will have to be eliminated.

Engineering systems for housing redevelopment

A very serious question is how to modernize communications, while not disrupting the operation of systems throughout the house. A particularly acute problem in the redevelopment of the Khrushchev. In the old fund, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the water supply and sewerage risers. Over time, their clearance could decrease due to deposits. If there is not enough pressure in the water supply, additional pumps are installed in the apartment. Reducing gears are used if the pressure is too high.. Wiring in old houses requires complete replacement. If during construction in 60-70 yy. communications with aluminum conductors were used, then a modern electrical network is made only of copper. This allows, when connecting powerful devices, to reduce losses in the circuit., and also provide a high level of electrical safety.

Redevelopment with AVGroup in Tallinn

Here you can order redevelopment and overhaul of the apartment, houses as well as various non-residential premises of any complexity, including redevelopment. We carry out all turnkey work from the creation of the project and its approval to the delivery of the object to the customer in a completely finished form.. The price is calculated based on the estimate, which will be compiled by our experts based on the assessment of the condition of the property and the list of planned works.



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