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Economy renovation

Estimated cost: From 30 € m2

Budget renovation in Tallinn

It is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on a high-quality apartment renovation.. If inexpensive materials are used, the cost of finishing is reduced by a significant amount. At Avgroup you can order budget repairs in Tallinn and spend the saved finances on your other needs..

The main factors, which will help reduce the cost of work

Apartment renovation is a troublesome and lengthy process. Its price consists of the cost of materials and work on their installation, as well as furniture, equipment and transportation costs. So that there are no unnecessary costs, necessary:
  • Draw up a detailed design project. This will allow you to think over and calculate in advance the needs for materials., consult with the foreman about the best options for their use. The project can be compiled as independently, and with the help of professional designers.
  • Calculate an estimate for a budget repair option. If we take into account all the upcoming work as accurately as possible, then unexpected surprises can be avoided. It is necessary to calculate the consumption with a small supply of not only rough and finishing materials, but also glue, fasteners, consumables. The calculation includes the dismantling of the old finish, plumbers, windows and doors, garbage removal, as well as assembly and installation of furniture, connection of plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment.
  • Plan purchases, delivery and storage of materials. Today some stores offer good discounts on bulk purchases., as well as services for their free storage for a certain period. This makes it possible at a specific stage of work not to overload the room with materials and not expose them to the risk of being accidentally damaged..
  • Discuss and schedule with the foreman. A clear plan will help to optimize some operations and determine the timing of each stage of economical repairs without unnecessary downtime or fuss. This is especially important, if for the entire period the customer moves to the rented area. With a well-thought-out organization, some work can be carried out in parallel, which will significantly reduce the total repair time, which means, and its cost.
If redevelopment will be carried out, registration of permits will be required. This is another item of expenses, which needs to be considered. In addition, coordination will take some time., therefore, all papers must be dealt with in advance.

Loft-style budget renovation

This is one of the most inexpensive options for finishing an apartment.. And the result will be no worse, than after an elite renovation. How is this effect achieved?? A loft-style room at the same time resembles an office, a studio and a cozy home for a person with an informal approach to life. Loft-style interiors have simple geometric shapes, simplicity of lines and minimalism in decor. Brick or concrete walls with rough plaster are the best background for open communications and beams, which play the role of art objects. The color scheme is presented in gray, red-brown, smoky and metallic shades. Lots of lamps fill the space with light, and rough metal structures give the atmosphere a slight brutality. Economical renovation without big financial damage will allow you to transform even an ordinary standard two-room apartment into a fashionable and comfortable apartment. For decoration, inexpensive materials are used - tiles, laminate, plaster. Zoning is not done using blind partitions, and the arrangement of furniture and various lighting scenarios.

How can you save money when renovating an apartment on a budget?

Many people think, that renovation of your home will require a lot of finance, especially if major changes are to be made. After all, it is not only the decorative trim that needs to be replaced, but also communication. And also make redevelopment, change windows, doors. But with a reasonable approach, spending can be reduced to a minimum.. For this, high-quality, but inexpensive materials - paint, finishing boards, panels with imitation wood, stone, brickwork, baseboards and moldings made of polymers and much more. Any wall defects can be leveled with drywall sheets, and under them lay pipes and electrical wiring. Tile floors in the bathroom and toilet, and walls - with inexpensive waterproof panels. For budget repairs in a room, you can combine various decorative techniques., combine textured plaster with painting or tiling, use spectacular inexpensive lamps, original furniture and textiles. What you shouldn't save on, - these are radiators and windows. The favorable microclimate in the room depends to a large extent on the operation of the heating, therefore the system should be as efficient as possible. Sealed window blocks with reliable fittings will help to avoid heat loss..

Renovated apartment from Avgroup

Here you can order an inexpensive repair at a low price. You are coming, and we will show you, what can you save on, and where it is not worth it. Cheap apartment renovation does not mean poor quality, if you entrusted it to Avgroup.



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