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Installing a heated towel rail

Estimated cost: from 50 € / unit

A comfortable atmosphere in the room depends not only on the arrangement of furniture and design solutions. Excessive moisture causes unpleasant odors and makes the home less comfortable.. But connecting a heated towel rail helps to avoid dampness and mold..

A wide variety of heated towel rails and various tumble dryers are now available in Tallinn., which differ in appearance, connection parameters and size. Before you start putting the device into operation, you should familiarize yourself with the main nuances of joining drying.

How to choose a suitable method of connecting the device?

Installation of a heated towel rail prices depend on the size of the unit and its capacity. Experienced craftsmen select a method depending on the area of ​​the room, in which the equipment will be installed and temperatures. Most popular water coils, hot water and electric dryers.

But you need to consider, what appliances, which are connected to the heating system, will work only in the autumn-winter period. The rest of the time, the premises will not receive proper care.

It is more convenient to install an electric heated towel rail. To connect it, you do not need a cutout into the wall and connection to the water supply system. You can install such equipment on any wall.. This is a good option for small spaces., but using it significantly increases the size of electricity bills.

Installation methods

Replacing a heated towel rail begins with finding a suitable place for it. Water types of coils are rigidly tied to the water supply system. You also need to take into account the characteristics of the pipeline., the term of its use and the presence of a decorative box.

If you wish, you can use with detailed instructions. But practice shows, that any mistakes can lead to, that the equipment will fail, and the cost of repairs significantly exceeds the price of the services of an experienced master. Choosing a connection method (side, upper, lower) depends on the location, pressure in the water supply and pipe brazing.

Standard circuits

There are different schemes for drying laundry in operation. In the case of electrical, it is worth considering the fasteners, but with water devices there are much more nuances. Therefore, such options are usually used:

  1. Diagonal installation of a heated towel rail. This creates a complete circulation of water. This method is suitable for large tumble dryers and ladder models.
  2. Lateral and vertical. This is a one-stop solution, suitable for most dryers. This is a great way to leave more room in your room..
  3. Lower. This is an excellent solution for large rooms or devices with complex shapes.. Using this method allows you to hide pipes.

What method to use the specialists determine on the spot. Most often the vertical or diagonal method is chosen.. If these methods are not suitable, apply bottom connection.

Installation rules

To connect the heated towel rail does not take a lot of time, it is necessary to shut off the hot water supply to the riser of the house. At the main stage of work, a new wiring is laid from polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes. After that, proceed to the installation of the bypass and ball valves., which help to regulate the water pressure and the intensity of the dryer. Also, the installation of shut-off valves allows you to simplify the repair or replacement of the device., if there is such a need.

When the dryer to the bathroom from heating is on the home stretch, determine the distance between the axis of the pipes and the wall. Then check the tightness and reliability of the coil fastening.

Dryer installation in Tallinn

When ordering a master to enable drying, should remember, that payment for work depends on several indicators. First of all it is:

  • the cost of the device itself;
  • complexity of work;
  • amount of material, required for work.

Usually, standard methods do not include creating holes in stone or granite surfaces and creating sockets for electrical appliances.

In the case of an electric heated towel rail, it is often required to create a separate cable entry from the shield, and to turn on the water unit, you must use reinforced wall mounts. High-quality installation of a heated towel rail in Tallinn will extend the service life of the equipment and make the room much more comfortable.



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