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Plastered walls and ceilings

Estimated cost: from 9 € / sq

Plastered walls and ceilings

Plastered walls, the price of work with which varies in a wide range, is an important destination for AVGROUP. As in everything, we strive to pay close attention to detail. They are often overlooked by those, who does the finishing work, therefore our services have a stable, stable demand. The growing popularity of the personality trend has increased the demand for such finishes., as decorative plaster of walls. He is not new, used since ancient times. But each time dictated its own conditions of life, and until the 20th century, expensive types of repairs were unavailable to many workers. Today they are no longer so.. Over the past 100+ years, tremendous progress has been made in this regard.. One of the most common types of decoration has become textured wall plaster.. Due to the increased demand for this service, our company offers to briefly familiarize yourself with the topic, how is the process itself:
  • Plastering of walls and ceilings in Tallinn begins with the choice of material,
  • continues with the definition of a specific pattern;
  • a spatula and other necessary tools are purchased in advance.
  • Surface preparation in progress,
  • then you need to apply the mixture (manually or automatically) and equalize it,
  • for finishing sanding it is required to apply a thin even layer or in accordance with the intended pattern.
Professional renovation of an apartment or house is often combined with comprehensive assistance, which our organization provides to its clients at all stages of cooperation. We do not hide any details when preparing the estimate., ready to lucidly and patiently explain the formation of value in a particular case. At the same time, we do not put any pressure on the customer., leaving him with full right to make decisions on all issues. Plastered walls and ceilings in Tallinn Renovation in a new building is relatively easy to carry out.. In this case, plastering the walls over the plaster, and all other work is often performed from the "zero mark". If the room has been used for a long time, then you will first need to dismantle the old materials. The advantage of the old renovation may be the good preservation of the plaster.. If it is true, then the need for global processing of the plane may not arise - it will be enough to carry out cosmetic measures. However, in most cases, repairs are far from fresh, plaster crumbles in places, the reliability and tightness of adhesion to the finishing material raises certain doubts. That is why most often the old finish is completely removed.

What is wall putty

Very often, AVGROUP specialists are asked a banal, at first sight, question: "What is wall putty?"None of the masters are surprised at this., because for a person, not immersed in the process at least once, many terms are not clear, have many meanings. Putty is understood as a mixture, and the type of activity. Here we are talking about the work itself. The filling process is the application of a specially prepared mixture for subsequent decoration. The latter is understood rather broadly.. The main types of decor are painting and wallpapering., they are most widespread.

Plastering and plastering of walls: what is the difference

It is also noteworthy that, that many do not see the difference between plaster and putty. And in the meantime she is, and the difference is very significant. Plaster is the application of the mixture directly to the supporting structure. If the nearest stable part is concrete, plastering is done directly on it. The plaster is applied in a thicker layer, rather than putty, but careful alignment horizontally and vertically requires both types of work. Puttying is performed after complete plastering. It serves to prepare for decorative work.. The putty itself can also act as a decoration..

How much does wall putty cost

Plastering of walls on plaster differs in its purpose from case to case. it happens, that it is made for wallpapering. In other layouts, plastering of walls for painting is common. By itself, the cost of such events can differ dramatically from each other. The greatest impact on pricing is the complexity of that initial coverage, with which the master has to work, and also the coverage area. Discover, how much does wall putty cost, possible after determining the exact nature and volume of the order. Visit of the AVGROUP master is free.



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