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Painting walls and ceilings

Estimated cost: from 5 € / sq

Painting walls and ceilings

There is no need to waste valuable time on finding the right materials and hands, if you need painting walls and ceilings in Tallinn. It is enough to contact the AVGROUP company, has gained a decent experience in performing this type of work.
  • Painting of walls and ceilings in Tallinn by our company is carried out as soon as possible.
  • Our services are of exceptionally high quality, regardless of the client's budget.
  • Every room, where our specialists find themselves, gets exactly that look, which the customer expects.

Painting walls and ceilings in Tallinn

You can paint the walls in the room yourself, however, this will require a very serious level of skill, if you want to achieve an excellent result. In addition, handwritten work often takes too much time and is accompanied by some mistakes in the choice of materials and execution.. Because of this, the cost of painting walls can be even noticeably higher., than the services of professionals. Ultimately, high-quality wall painting, the price per square meter of which is by no means transcendental, - this is a guarantee of their long-term service. From exploitation, their condition too, Certainly, depends. But if painting walls and ceilings (Tallinn) in the room during the renovation performed professionally, this also gives more flexible options for the restoration of damaged areas.

Painting wallpaper: what you need to know

The following method is actively used in any type of repair and is especially well suited for cosmetic. Ceiling painting is a much more complicated question., than painting wallpaper. This option is being chosen more and more often.. Truth, он имеет свои нюансы… В частности, you can not paint old wallpaper, that have covered the surface for at least a few weeks. Ideally, this process looks like this: first you need to dismantle the old wallpaper, then - prepare the walls, including filling. It is important to achieve an extremely even coverage here., so that the layer lays down just as smoothly. It is not always wise to use the first wallpapers that come across.. The most common choices are non-woven or vinyl.. It is on them that the paint lays down best.. It is necessary to note the fact, that they have a fairly wide price range of categories - from low budget to very expensive. Wallpapering involves the use of a roller, with which the alignment is performed. Do not start painting right away - you need to give the surface time to dry, preferably at least a day. If you paint on glue-impregnated wallpaper, then you can get a poorly predictable result, and the color may not suit you in the end. At the same time, technologies are developing rapidly in the construction and finishing industry., and more and more paint is proving to be very suitable for working in the harshest conditions. By itself, its composition is specific, formed as a result of a complicated technological chemical chain. From here, usually, the price is high, installed by manufacturers for the highest quality paints.

Decorative painting of walls

Generally, coloring the surface itself is a way of decorating it. But it is under decorative processing that usually means carrying out special work. Happens, that in the early stages expensive interior designers and even real artists are involved. Decorative staining may imply decorative plaster. He is the basis, around which all the other improvements on the outer side of the floors of the room dance further. AVGROUP specialists in their lifetime have seen a lot of the most diverse customer requests. Often, paints and varnishes have to be applied directly on top of the finishing putty.. It can be practical, useful solution. However, in the living area, the master usually paints the wallpaper.. Important, that if you have your own ornament, the wallpaper when you change the color (which can happen repeatedly) allows you to show more flexibility when decorating your home. In addition, at the next repair it is much easier and faster to remove the painted wallpaper., what to bother with recovery.



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