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Laying tiles

Estimated cost: from 25 € / sq

Laying tiles (tiles)

AVGROUP has long been one of the leading companies, in the circle of interests of which is laying tiles in the city of Tallinn. We are able to bring the organization and execution of this business from the very beginning to the final result..

Laying tiles in Tallinn

Handling such a sensitive material requires utmost attention to detail.. Most often, AVGROUP clients contact the company, when they need tiles on the bathroom floor. Among modern materials in conditions of high humidity, it is most important to use the following:
  • the laying of tiles in Tallinn is most often ceramics;
  • in second place, you can put porcelain stoneware;
  • the stone is also quite widespread;
  • polymeric materials are gaining popularity.
Perhaps, the most widespread in the world for household needs at home and in the office is the tile. Its practicality and flexibility has not been questioned for a long time., and during the last decades it has established itself as the most popular ceramic material, for example, For bathroom. Laying tiles on the walls in the bathroom and in certain areas in the kitchen is also very, very widespread.. This process is time consuming, demanding a high level of performing skills. Durable and lightweight material, it is mounted on the surface with full understanding of the matter - then it can serve well for several decades.

Laying tiles

The cost of laying tiles varies depending on the source material, floor space and specific customer requirements. To successfully conduct this event, you must have a high-quality professional tool. It's not only about making work easier, but also extremely beautifully and reliably complete all the required activities. Before, how the tiling begins, the master checks the working condition of the tool. First you need a level (nowadays, laser levels are widely used) and a special puncher, designed to facilitate the process of stirring the solution. Also, to lay the tiles, the specialist uses the rule, notched and rubber spatulas, trowels, trowel with the desired coating for spreading the solution over the surface. Perhaps, the most important equipment is the tile cutter, the range of which in stores is very wide. A grinder is often used instead.. Laying tiles, whose price varies widely, has never been a cheap event. That is why it is so important to work with it extremely carefully.. A lot of experience is required, so that among all finishing activities, it is this stage that the overwhelming majority seeks to entrust to professionals, without turning an important part of the repair into torment.

Laying tiles in Tallinn: stages of work

  • The service involves careful preparation - the first step is to clean the premises after the previous stages of repair.
  • Mortar for self-leveling floors is applied on a flat surface and in an even layer, so that the definition and verification of the level in the course of work can occur several dozen times.
  • For the first level of preparation, rough and final cladding, the task is to fix the markings and control points, on which the installation is carried out.
  • The tile itself is kept on glue and mortar compositions, so that the technical requirements for their composition should be strictly observed, and this is especially important, when to lay tiles on the walls.
  • There is no ideal room size, and the need to cut will necessarily arise - this process requires a certain skill in owning a special tool.
  • The final stage is grouting (the second name is jointing). It is designed to give the laid material a complete look., serves as an important decoration element. A separate special mixture is used for it., applied to seams and corners. This is not only done for, to decorate small gaps, but also to minimize the likelihood of mold formation.
  • For decoration at the joints of the wall with the ceiling, it can be used as a hollow corner, so flat, depending on your preference. There are a lot of alternative options here., and no additional decoration may be required (which often happens).

Pros of a professional approach

Having no professional skills in working with the material, you, in principle, always run the risk of completing finishing work at a frankly low level of performance. In addition to the quality of the final result, there is a risk of losing such an amount of time., which can only be justified by the process of parallel self-learning and mastering a new skill. If you need a really high-quality result, then contacting a specialist is very desirable. AVGROUP has enough of them, so as not to delay the preparation of the estimate, preparation and direct execution of the order. In addition to this, the company gives a guarantee of the result., so that we will eliminate the consequences of the causes of the defect beyond your control free of charge within the framework of preliminary agreements. A competent specialist will help with the choice within the framework of the client's preferences in this way, as a result, you can significantly save on material. The cost of tiles often consists not only of the raw materials themselves and the complexity of the pattern., but also from thickness. The following picture is often observed.: the customer buys in advance a tile of substantial thickness, and already when evaluating the work, the master notices, that a thinner one would be much more appropriate - as a result, an overpayment is obtained, and at the same time, the work of the performer himself becomes somewhat more complicated. By contacting AVGROUP, you will get the maximum result. Having the necessary experience, at the end we have a streamlined work process, where everyone is a professional, and everyone is extremely responsible in fulfilling their obligations, which he puts on his shoulders.



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