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Boiler installation

Estimated cost: from 45 € / unit
Boiler - electric water heater, which allows you to use hot water regardless of the availability of central hot water supply. In addition, a minimum set of communications is required for its work., which is in almost every house or apartment, - cold water supply and electricity. Connecting a boiler in Tallinn at Avgroup makes it possible to have hot water at any time and not depend on the whims of utilities, often stop serving at the most inopportune moment.

How to choose a boiler

To meet the demand for hot water supply in full, before buying a boiler, you need to pay attention to the following factors:
  • number of people living in an apartment or house;
  • number of consumption points - bathroom, kitchen, shower room, etc.;
  • permissible power of the available electrical networks for connecting the boiler;
  • whether pre-installation of filters or water treatment plants is required.
Water heaters can be instantaneous and storage, have different power and volume. Instantaneous heats water in a few seconds. It is lightweight and compact, therefore a strong base is not required for fastening. The storage boiler is more economical in terms of energy consumption. The temperature in it remains, as in a thermos, due to the shell made of thermal insulation. The main criterion is the volume of the water tank. If the family 3 human, it will be enough 50-80 l, for four people - 80-100 l. Water heaters from 100 to 150 l.

Choosing a location for installation

To use the equipment conveniently, and the service was not a hassle, the place must be open for permanent free access. Desirable, if there are water pipes nearby, as well as sewerage. Wiring must match the power of the device, have a residual current device. Sockets can only be used with grounding. In humid rooms, avoid direct contact with water on the equipment.. Only a solid concrete or brick wall is suitable for installing the storage tank, since the weight of the filled container is quite large. Fasteners are selected based on the material of the walls and the existing loads. If the strength is not enough, an additional supporting frame or reinforcing elements is required.

How is the installation

Installation of a water heater is a task for professionals. If you are not a specialist, it is better to contact a good specialized firm. Correct connection of the boiler guarantees, that the equipment will work in optimal mode and will remain operational for a long time. Installation work includes:
  1. The device of the necessary fasteners, holes, etc..
  2. Boiler installation.
  3. Insert into the water supply system.
  4. Installation of new wiring, if required.
For safety, the boiler piping is equipped with a safety valve and a non-return valve, which is triggered when the nominal pressure in the system is reached. A drain valve is installed to drain water from the tank.. A ball valve is provided on the hot pipeline, ensuring the normalization of the pressure in the system during draining. Upon completion of installation, the heater is filled with water and a test run. After debugging, the necessary documents are issued, service warranty provided.

How much does it cost to install a boiler

Set of operations, which will be required for the installation of equipment in specific conditions, may differ slightly from the standard. We are dismantling old heaters, out of order. Sometimes, to connect the boiler to the water supply, it is necessary to replace the shut-off valves on the riser or supply pipeline due to its malfunction. In any case, the cost of installing a boiler in our company always remains affordable and transparent.. We are not interested in price increases, because we value our reputation and prefer an honest relationship with the customer.

Boiler connection in Tallinn

There will be no more problems with hot water in your home, if you order the installation of an electric water heater from Avgroup. Our installers are highly qualified and experienced. They know the subtleties and nuances of the device of various models., their technical characteristics, operating and maintenance rules. The installation of the boiler is carried out at a high professional level., which guarantees long and trouble-free operation of the equipment.  



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