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Plastering of walls

Estimated cost: from 12 € / sq

Plastering of walls

Among a wide range of services, provided by AVGROUP, an important place is occupied by plastering works in Tallinn and its surroundings. Under the current operating conditions, it is not easy to meet the high requirements. Nevertheless, compliance with the technological process at the proper level is a prerequisite. This is the key request, which the organization addresses itself. The best result can be achieved if the following conditions are met:
  • use quality material, when plastering works are carried out in Tallinn;
  • modern equipment;
  • trained and experienced craftsmen;
  • strict adherence to the technological process;
  • quality control during execution.

What does plastering work include?

Types of wall plaster are divided into two main types - dry and wet. With the help of marks and beacons, the correct installation of the drywall frame is determined, which serves as that flat surface, on which plastering should be done. It should be recognized, that dry plastering is less practical, although it has at least two indisputable advantages - application speed and cost. Some amenities during interior decoration are offset by less reliability.. Higher rates are given by wet plaster. When choosing the second, the most suitable method in most cases, the price of the final work increases, as labor costs are also increasing. In addition to the best strength indicators, wet plaster is characterized by flexibility in solutions, and it is she who is used in the manufacture of original decorative elements. The stage-by-stage plastering of walls can be represented by the following condensed diagram:
  1. surface preparation;
  2. profile installation / frame;
  3. plastering;
  4. alignment;
  5. if necessary - preparation and application of decorative coating.
Not always and not everywhere, but very often today machine plaster is used - it increasingly prevails over manual labor. Automatic systems can provide significant benefits, such as speeding up the process itself, achieving the desired density of the mixture on the surface, uniform layer application. However, it often happens, that at this stage, manual work is still more suitable, during which details may be revealed, hidden from the "eyes" of the machine due to the specifics of the room itself.

How much does plastering work cost?

Plastering works, the price of which is never very low, if you need to get a high-quality result at the output, require special attention. There are quite a few subtleties of this activity., therefore, entrusting it to an inexperienced specialist is a risky undertaking. However, prices for plastering work are formed not only on the basis of those labor and time costs, carried by the performers. The choice of a specific material is archival., mixes, to be applied. AVGROUP assists customers in choosing, based on his financial capabilities and objective requirements. It is also important, how thick will the mixture need to be layered, because premises can be used for different purposes. Very relevant before, how to apply an even layer, for example, cement plaster, have an idea about, what conditions the end user wants to achieve. The warehouse or store has its own requirements, to a nightclub or a music studio - your, and even living rooms in the same apartment can have different wall thicknesses as needed.

How to check plastering work

Valuable advice for anyone, who accepts the result, is the next: the earlier is the stage of finishing and renovation of the premises, the more important it is. Example: if you have roughness at the stage of plastering the walls, irregularities, rudeness, they may no longer be corrected by all subsequent measures, up to painting and wallpapering. Since at the moment the machine method of applying the mixture is generally optimal, it takes much less time, than in the old days. But even when automation did not serve humanity in this matter, all the same, more than half of the time spent on leveling surfaces. It's hard to find such a structure (regardless of its number of storeys) where at least minor questions about the angle of the vertical and horizontal lines of the premises did not arise. Careful alignment is not a fad, but an urgent need, obligatory thing. An incorrect approach here results in problems with the installation of doors and doorways., platbands and other basic elements. In the long term - inconvenience with the arrangement of furniture and installation of plumbing. In this way, the main recommendation sounds like this: see for yourself that, that the walls are plastered exactly. This can be done using a special level. (preferably two-meter). Make a start from that, that for each meter of surface, the deviation should not exceed 1 millimeter, on the whole wall - no more than five millimeters. Also be sure to check the corners. Since most of the furniture is made with right angles, the most common type of corner in a room is 90 degrees. Checking is easy with a construction square. Desirable, so that the length of his shoulder is at least half a meter. The second way is to measure the diagonals of the room and match them: if the lengths coincide, we can talk about high-quality plaster.

Plastering works in Tallinn

Aligning the walls, as we noticed, fraught with many details, hidden from the eyes of the layman, if he does not face this issue at least periodically. Corner derivation, building the geometry of the room as a whole and many other pitfalls await on the way to finishing. AVGROUP believes, that openness to the client gives excellent results in all respects. You will not remain in a dull information blockade, if you trust our company, and you will end up with excellent plastering work in Tallinn at an affordable price.



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