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Plumbing services

Estimated cost: from 20 € / hour
You need to change your bathtub or toilet, connect mixer, shower cabin, sink? Then you cannot do without a plumbing service in Tallinn.. maybe, you are doing major repairs and decided to install modern plumbing equipment? Avgroup offers a wide range of services at the best prices.

What is included in the list of plumbing works

Complex engineering systems, who serve a modern home, allow you to enjoy the benefits of civilization at any time. But ill-considered and illiterate intervention can lead to complete disruption in their work.. If you need to carry out water supply or sewerage, replace plumbing fixtures, eliminate leaks in the pipeline or mixer, you need to call a professional plumber at home. He will analyze the technical condition of communications, equipment connectivity, amount of necessary repairs. Plumbing works include:
  • laying of water and sewer pipes, heating systems;
  • hydrostatic testing;
  • bath installation, toilet bowl, shells, shower cabin, be;
  • connection of mixers, heated towel rail, filters;
  • installation of a dishwasher and washing machine, boiler;
  • dismantling of old communications and equipment;
  • maintenance of water meters.

Professional plumber in Tallinn

To ensure long-term trouble-free operation of plumbing fixtures, equipment and communications, all work is carried out in compliance with technological standards. You, as a consumer, you may not know, what mounts are used, fitting, shut-off valves, at what maximum / minimum distance should the devices be located from the walls, sex, each other and many more regulatory requirements. And in the work of a plumber, this information is fundamental.. The slightest deviation can lead to, that systems and devices will not function correctly. This is unacceptable for a real specialist..

Prices for plumbing services

Our company is interested in a large number of clients. That is why we do not inflate prices for our work., but we prefer to cooperate with customers honestly and openly. The price of custom-made plumbing depends on the complexity and volume of work, equipment features. In each specific case, we consider all the possibilities and choose the optimal solution, which suits our client in terms of quality and cost. Finally, all issues are resolved after inspection by our specialist.

Plumbing service in Tallinn

Installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing equipment requires a sufficiently high qualification from the master. If you carry out work without the proper skills and abilities, expensive plumbing can be damaged, cause a leak and spoil the finish not only in your apartment, but also to the neighbors below. Look for plumbing fixtures in Estonia? Then contact Avgroup. All company personnel undergo training, has extensive experience and professionalism.  



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