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Water pipe laying, heating

Estimated cost: from 7 € / p.m.

Laying of pipes for water supply and heating

Sewerage laying, installation of electrical wiring, organization of ventilation ducts - this is only the smallest list of works, which includes the arrangement of engineering communications systems of any residential building or apartment. However, the installation of pipelines and heating in Tallinn deserves special attention in this list.. Water supply piping - one of the main specializations of the company Avgroup. Our specialists have sufficient skills and qualifications, to lay a pipeline at any facility, regardless of its purpose (private country house, residential apartment, office space, industrial workshops, etc.). Order design and installation of water supply systems, using the services of our company, - make the right choice!

Sequence of work, including installation of water pipes

Installation of a drainage system is reduced to the following sequence of actions:
  1. Design work. Before carrying out a set of installation measures, you should calculate the volume of water consumption, taking into account the points of water sampling and the number of plumbing equipment, and also draw up a draft design. Priority attention must be paid to the installation of a pumping station and the choice of a source of water supply.
  2. Selection of pipes and installation measures. Before laying the pipeline, it is required to drill a well and install pumping equipment. The optimal material for organizing a pipeline system is polyethylene.. It does not corrode, has a high average service life and is loyal to aggressive agents. Ideal - laying low pressure pipes (diameter from 32 to 42 mm) at a depth 1,5-1,7 meters. It is customary to distinguish between rigid and flexible PE pipes. The former are specially designed for surface installation; the latter are able to withstand high pressure and are mounted in the walls or floor of brick houses.
Important: when organizing a pipeline system underground, a positive ambient temperature is required (not less + 10 degrees).
  1. Thermal insulation of pipes (if necessary). The harsh climatic features of domestic regions often lead to freezing of water in the pipeline and its failure.. To avoid this, many enterprising owners of country houses are laying the system below the depth of soil freezing. However, this depth in some areas can reach 2-3 meters, therefore, this method is considered very laborious. In this case, special thermal insulation materials come to the rescue. (mineral or glass wool, expanded polystyrene, etc.).
  2. Preparation of special trenches, laying of a water supply system and backfilling with soil. To organize this category of work, special equipment may be involved..
Remarkably: the trenchless method of organizing water supply or the method of horizontal directional drilling can also be effectively applied.
  1. System setup and testing. This is necessary to minimize the likelihood of water leakage at pipe joints..
If you have any questionable questions, associated with the organization of water supply to a country house or apartment, do not hesitate, call one of the managers of our company for professional advice. In the area of ​​expertise of our experts: which includes the work on laying the water supply, timing and cost of their implementation, features of open and hidden laying, necessary tools and equipment, available payment methods (including cashless payment systems).

Why you should contact our company

Water distribution in the house can be carried out with the involvement of various specialized organizations, but only our company guarantees high quality of installation work and only mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Among other firms, profiling in the related field of service provision, we are favorably distinguished by the following indicators:
  • when organizing a pipeline system, we use only certified technical HDPE pipes from a trusted supplier, which ensures their high performance, long service life and reliability;
  • installation of pipelines and heating in Tallinn is distinguished by a loyal price (compared to other companies, specializing in a related field of activity);
  • we carry out the laying of engineering communications systems, how open, and in hidden ways (into the ground, the wall, floor, etc.);
  • how to mount, and the pipeline system itself is guaranteed, which entitles you to free maintenance and repair;
  • in the process of work, only professional tools and equipment are used, and the installation itself is carried out in accordance with applicable building codes and standards;
  • post-warranty service is carried out under an additional agreement.
Avgroup company: laying water supply pipelines in a private house and a residential apartment at the most affordable price.



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