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Installing a shower stall

Estimated cost: from 100 € / unit
A comfortable environment in the house is associated with the presence of all the necessary amenities for a person's living, the main one is the adoption of water procedures. For this, shower stalls are installed in the bathroom., the key advantage of which, compared to a bathroom, is considered to be compact size and functionality. Therefore, the installation of a shower cabin in Tallinn by qualified craftsmen is constantly gaining popularity.. This is due to the fact, that only such an installation (assembly) the hydrobox will be of high quality, since this service is guaranteed.

Stages of connecting a shower

The installation of the shower cabin is carried out in 2 stage. At the first stage, the assembly of the structure is carried out, and on the next one - its installation and connection to water supply and sewerage networks. The second stage may differ slightly in the sequence of actions, depending on the structure and model of the chosen shower.:
  • low pallet;
  • with bottom, high-walled;
  • without stand.
Often, the walls of modern hydroboxes are made of glass., therefore in order to, to install them properly, not only theoretical knowledge will be required, but also improved practical skills. All cabins are divided into 2 categories. The first includes those structures, which are in contact with the walls in the bathroom, and in the second - those blocks, standing apart from the walls.

First stage

The assembly of the shower stall starts from the pallet. Base with low walls installed on a drain siphon. The next step will be to fix the structure to the floor with a sealant.. To increase the reliability of the installation and the tightness of the joint, a heavy object is placed on the pallet. Pallets with high sides in the first stage are assembled from component parts. And only after that they are mounted on the drain hole and fixed. Such structures need additional strengthening due to their fragility.. Installation of a shower tray in a previously prepared pit is carried out by fixing with fasteners, and after that the device is already connected to all communication systems. Next, the masters diagnose the quality of the drain and, if necessary, close the remaining gaps between the installation and the walls using silicone. Before, how to install a cab without a pallet, a concrete platform is being poured, on which the hose is mounted for drainage and water supply.

Second stage

The assembly of the shower box consists in the serial connection of structural elements.: sidewalls, glass, arcs to the top and bottom area. First, attachments are made, on which the arcs are mounted. They fix the racks. All edges of the parts are treated with silicone. At the end, glasses are installed using self-tapping screws.

Third stage

The final stage is to install doors. Each moving belt has 4 holes (2 at the top and 2 down below), in which the rollers are installed. They are fastened with screws and an eccentric. These 2 element designed to regulate the movement of rollers. Doors are put on grooves.

Service cost

The prices for installing a shower stall depend on several factors.: dimensions and design models, the need to lay additional communication lines, difficulties in connecting to water supply networks, urgency of order fulfillment, etc.. The cost of work is negotiated at the initial stage of cooperation, so that in the future there are no questions between the customer and the client. Before the installation of the structure, a foreman leaves for the object to, what to inspect the installation site and choose the most favorable location option. Also, such preparatory work will help to draw up a general estimate for all plumbing work., to minimize costs in the future. Before starting the installation, a specialist is panning the layout of water pipes and sewer networks., and also advises clients on the selection and purchase of sealants, silicone compounds. Such a follow-up of the provision of services allows you to plan a sequence of actions taking into account all the requirements of the customer himself.. In addition to installation, specialists often provide related services - leveling the surfaces of walls and floors in relation to the planes of the structure, installation of a mixer, etc..



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