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Sewer pipe laying

Estimated cost: from 7 € / p.m.

Sewer pipe laying

Installation of sewer pipes - an integral part of building an integrated system of engineering communications. Digging a trench of a certain depth, selection of pipeline insulation material, the formation of an angle of inclination for free flow - this is only the smallest list of measures, which includes the installation of sewerage in Tallinn. To carry out the installation of sewer pipes at a reasonable cost, you should definitely contact the company Avgroup. Our staff is made up of experienced craftsmen, thoroughly familiar with all building codes and regulations, which allows you to perform the whole range of works in the shortest possible time and guarantee the protection of pipes from freezing in winter. Order sewerage installation, by contacting our company, - make a knowingly correct decision!

Complex of measures, associated with the installation of the sewerage system

Installation of sewer pipes is reduced to the following sequence of steps:
  1. Digging a trench. Due to the complexity of this event, special-purpose equipment can be effectively used., for example, light bucket excavator. The depth of the pit will depend on the climatic characteristics of the region and, on average, is 1,5-2 meters. The channel width should be 40-50 cm. more, than the diameter of the laid sewer pipeline. For the convenience of installation work in the areas of the approach to the septic tank, the width increases.
  2. Sand is laid at the bottom of the trench. The thickness of the base must be at least 10 cm. This helps to level the channel bottom and reduce vibration loads..
  3. The pipes are connected and laid on the bottom of the trench.
Remarkably: long trunk sections will not be able to install exactly alone. For these purposes, should be involved 3-4 installer. It is also important to cover the pipe joints with special plumbing grease.. This will ensure the tightness and reliability of the entire system., and also prevent the leakage of fecal waters.
  1. Backfilling the sewer pipeline. Sand should be laid in portions. First, the pipe is completely filled up and watered. Some time later, when did the shrinkage occur, another layer of sand is laid.
  2. Rotary and inspection chambers are installed along the entire line. Their number and positioning depends on the current GOST.
If you have any controversial issues, concerning the features of installing a sewage system in a private house, don't think twice, call one of the employees of our company by phone, which are shown on the main page of the site. In their area of ​​responsibility is the widest range of various aspects.: how much does it cost to lay sewer pipes, frequency of maintenance and preventive maintenance of the system, ways to install a septic tank, possible ways of cashless payments.

What manipulations should be done when freezing

Insufficient insulation of sewer pipes can lead to their freezing and cracking. A cast iron or metal pipeline is allowed to be heated with an open flame. but, when it comes to HDPE pipes, the use of a blowtorch is not permitted. In this case, hot water can be poured into the sewer., where in advance it is necessary to dissolve technical salt from the calculation 2 Kg. on 10 liters of water. If the place of damage is located in the middle of the highway, it is recommended to warm up the soil with a steam generator. However, this event may take a lot of time.. That is why you should take care of the high-quality insulation of the system during the installation process..

The main bonuses and benefits from cooperation with our company

Laying sewer pipes in a private house is one of the main specializations of our craftsmen. Among other companies, carrying out their activities in the related field of rendering services, we are leading in the following indicators:
  • when laying the sewer system, exclusively certified polyethylene pipes from a reliable supplier are used, which guarantees their flawless performance and long service life;
  • installation of sewage systems in Tallinn is distinguished by a reasonable cost (compared to our direct competitors);
  • the laying of engineering communications systems is carried out in strict accordance with technical standards and regulations;
  • how to mount, and a guarantee is provided for the sewer system itself, which entitles you to free maintenance and repair;
  • post-warranty service is carried out under an additional agreement.
Avgroup company: laying a sewer pipe at a budget price.



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