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Toilet installation

Estimated cost: from 50 € / unit
An integral type of complex renovation and finishing work is the installation of toilet bowls in Tallinn - as in residential, and in commercial premises. It can be performed from the "zero mark" - in this case, the cost will be, most likely, below. Respectively, dismantling the old bathroom requires additional payment. Calling a professional master from AVGROUP in Tallinn is highly desirable, since the installation of toilets, especially with the removal of the old node, requires serious experience:
    • dismantle the old toilet;
    • it is important not to damage the sewer pipe;
    • do not spoil the finishing materials;
    • do not damage products freshly purchased in the store;
    • prevent future leaks;
    • securely attach the base;
    • correctly install the drain system.

Installation of toilet bowls in Tallinn - the most important stage of work with a bathroom

Certainly, and bathroom, and a heated towel rail, and sink, and other equipment within the bathroom and toilet require utmost care. But it is the installation of the toilet, the price for which can be very, very considerable, requires the greatest scrupulousness. There are enough subtleties here, in order not to save money in this matter and get such a result, thanks to which an important node is able to serve for decades. It should be noted, that today in new buildings, apartment owners do not always receive such elements of a plumbing unit from the developer, who suit him. Acquisition of real estate in the secondary market, houses or apartments, even more often makes residents want to update such intimate functional interior details, to be operated daily. Anyway, because they could be used for many years, and even an elementary hygiene issue can be acute here. Connecting a toilet is a whole process, not just a separate action, when you can bring the finished product and put it in the right place. It begins with a call to the master and, how often does it happen, from dismantling works, when the previous equipment is removed. Then all the necessary parts of the room and the device itself are measured. The drain system mechanism is being adjusted: pipe renewal, branch pipes, eyeliners. It is important not to miscalculate with the diameters and to check the tightness of the joints during all events. The method of fastening directly affects the fact, how much does it cost to install a toilet. The most common method is fastening to metal dowels - they certainly come with a new product.. On a perfectly smooth surface, epoxy mounting glue is often used, although there is a certain disadvantage here: hardening of the mixture takes about half a day. In the case of wooden floors, taffeta is usually used - a wooden spacer, which is drowned in cement mortar. You can often find this option.: a solution is poured around the base, and the tiles are already laid on top.

Assembling the toilet: types and specifics

Besides installing pipes, corrugations, flexible hose, the most important element during assembly is the installation of the toilet cistern. This service can be provided separately, if you have any difficulties on this issue. A container for collecting water can be quite sensitive to mechanical damage. That is why AVGROUP notes quite a lot of calls specifically for the replacement of this individual element.. One of the most attractive offers on the market today is a candy bar. With this type, the cistern goes into the bottom of the toilet without joints.. note, what really reliable can be called a standard trigger. Excessiveness is more likely to lead to breakdowns. And if, in the case of a monolithic structure, a separate installation of the tank is not required, the most common type of this assumes. Toilet installation, the price for which can be called average, assumes the use of the "Compact" type. In this case, the tank is removed separately and it must be installed almost close to the seat. Usually the fasteners are two long, durable bolts.. A big plus of the design is the simplicity of its repair.. Assembling the toilet is more challenging., when it comes to split type. Here the water tank is located at a distance from the drain part., on high. This approach is relevant for places with high traffic., since the tank is attached to the wall. It is located at a certain distance from the base and is less likely to be damaged.. Concealed and hanging toilets are the most difficult to assemble.. There is a bowl in sight, which must be connected to the tank, usually built into the wall. There is a hollow opening in the bathroom above the toilet., where the rest of it fits, excluding the drain mechanism (it acts as a button).

Connecting the toilet to the sewer

Circle of equipment and tools, necessary to connect your toilet to the drainage system, seems quite broad for the average city dweller. Not everyone has this tool., да и не все даже слышали отдельные его наименования… Если рулетку, a marking pencil and a hammer can still be found quite easily, then with sewer corrugation, you need to tinker with the necessary corners and adapters. You may also need silicone, eccentric cuff, hacksaw for metal or plastic, seals, tools for dismantling the previous toilet. By itself, a trained master not only has all the necessary tools available. The most important thing, he has a wealth of experience in the successful installation of bathroom parts. Among them, the toilet is, perhaps, first place in importance. Trust the specialists of AVGROUP and save yourself from unnecessary hassle.



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