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Installing the sink

Estimated cost: from 50 € / unit
Installing a sink in a kitchen or bathroom is not the most difficult technically, but a responsible occupation, which should be entrusted to a qualified plumber. The master will eliminate the leakage of the mixer, siphon break, crooked attachment of the bowl to the wall and other problems, capable of leading to a flood and unnecessary expenses. In our company, you can order the installation of a sink in Tallinn from experienced, and most importantly, neat plumbers. They will connect a sink of any configuration for 2 o'clock, will issue a guarantee for work, help you get rid of your old washbasin. Craftsmen will competently and conscientiously install a sink made of artificial stone or ceramics.

Features of installation of washbasins and sinks

Our masters are engaged in the installation of four types:
  1. Built-in. Sold with a curbstone and separately. Water and sewer pipes are hidden behind the doors of the bedside table and are not conspicuous. Trash bin can be stored in the cabinet, bottles with household chemicals and other items.
  2. Console. These are the bowls, which the master levels and fixes with dowels to the wall. Console sinks do not hide engineering communications, therefore the latter become part of the interior.
  3. On the pedestal. Tulip shells are placed on a decorative ceramic leg, behind which pipes and shut-off valves are hidden.
  4. On a semi-pedestal. Such bowls are installed on wall-mounted mini-pedestals., which take up little space and hide engineering communications.
Important. Before buying and installing a washstand, it is important to consult a plumber.. He will explain, which model is suitable for a specific pipe routing method, and which one should not be taken due to possible difficulties with the connection. Regardless of the type of sink, the plumber levels the bowl and pays special attention to the strength of the wall mounts. It treats the joints with silicone sealant, to eliminate leak, and picks up trash. At the end of the work, our specialist writes out a one-year warranty for the installation of the sink. If something happens to the siphon or drain during the warranty period, and this will not be associated with a violation of the rules for the operation of the sink, we will deal with the problem for free within two hours after, how do we find out about her.

Why the connection of the washbasin should be entrusted to us

  • Handling sink installation in Tallinn in cramped bathrooms, kitchens with non-standard layouts and other difficult conditions.
  • We carefully seal the joints. Eliminate leaks and problems with flooding neighbors.
  • We make a clear estimate. The master calls the price after examining the room and the sink, which you bought. He comments on the estimate and suggests ways to save on installation..
  • We take out old sinks. Before, how to connect the sink, we will ask the owners, what are they going to do with the dismantled plumbing. If the washbasin is not needed, we take it with us and take it for disposal.

How much does it cost to install a washbasin

The cost of plumbing services depends on the amount of work. for instance, installation will cost from 50 €, if the sink and all consumables are purchased, and the pipes are removed from the wall and are ready for connecting plumbing. If the walls of the room are made of hollow bricks, the sink is made of artificial stone or the accessories have not been purchased yet, installation cost will increase. To find out the price of installing a sink in a specific bathroom, call the number, specified at the beginning of the page. The master will inspect the installation site for free, will list the necessary components and consumables and name the cost of the work, if you agree to install on the same day.



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