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Bathroom installation in Tallinn

Estimated cost: from 60 € / unit

Bath installation

Bathtub is a heavy and bulky item, which is unsafe to lift into the apartment on your shoulders and try to connect to the sewer without the help of plumbers. Physically strong and experienced craftsmen will deal with the installation of a bath in Tallinn in a couple of hours, eliminate leaks and other problems. Such plumbers work in our company.: punctual, neat and skillful. They will install and connect to the drain a bathtub of any manufacturer with any bowl shape - including, corner or non-standard design.

Installation steps for an acrylic bathtub

Our plumbers work like this:
  1. Raise the product to the floor and unpack it.
  2. Disconnect the old cast iron or steel bath from the pipes, take her out of the apartment.
  3. Prepare the floor for the installation of a new product.
  4. Carry out the installation of the drain.
  5. Before, how to put a bathtub on its legs, set them up in height, mount the frame.
  6. Install the bowl on the profile.
  7. Connect plumbing to the sewer.
  8. Put the mixer and coat the connections with silicone sealant.
  9. Collect trash and hand over work.
Upon completion, the customer receives a guarantee for installation work for a period of one year. for instance, if during this time the drain starts to leak, and it turns out, that it happened due to the fault of the plumber, we will fix everything for free on the same day. In our experience, such situations rarely happen: the installation of baths is carried out by responsible and qualified craftsmen.

Why should you entrust the installation of a bathtub to us

  • We successfully install plumbing in difficult conditions. for instance, we can carry out the installation of a bathtub in Tallinn under the tiles, laid close to the edge, we install plumbing fixtures in bathrooms with hollow brick walls, etc..
  • We quickly cope with the installation of bathtubs in non-standard rooms. Our plumbers will replace the bathroom in an apartment with a bay window, large window, niches, non-standard angles and other architectural features.
  • We hand over the work, when will we achieve the tightness of the joints. We check connections carefully, to exclude gaps between parts and proceedings with neighbors from below due to a wet ceiling.
  • We explain in detail, what is the cost of installation. The price list shows prices for standard work. We will clarify the cost of the bath installation service after a personal inspection of the premises and a conversation with the owner of the apartment..
  • We take into account safety standards in rooms with high humidity. We pay special attention to waterproofing, to prevent leaks.
  • We help to get rid of old plumbing. Before, how to put a new bath, we are discussing with the customer, what to do with an unnecessary bowl. If the owners have no ideas on how to use it and there is no transport, to take out for recycling, we take it upon ourselves.

How much does it cost to install a bathtub in Tallinn

Prices for plumbing services depend on the amount of work. for instance, we can install a new bathtub at a price 60 €, if the product has already been lifted to the floor, pipes for connecting plumbing are ready in the bathroom, and the old bathtub is dismantled or not, because the apartment is in a new building. The price does not include consumables and components. If you have to drill a hole in the bowl for the mixer, dismantle and take out old cast iron plumbing, and a new product should be taken to the floor without an elevator or installed urgently, the total cost of assembling the bath and its installation will increase proportionally. To find out, how much does it cost to install a corner bath in a particular apartment, call by phone, left at the top of the page. The master's call is free, if you immediately order installation.



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