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Mixer installation

Estimated cost: from 30 € / unit
Starting a major overhaul in your house or apartment, the owner is faced with the need to replace plumbing. Professional installation of a mixer in Tallinn is one of the main activities of Avgroup. Our masters provide a full range of services for the installation and connection of all types of locking and control valves in bathrooms and kitchens. Before installing new mixers, it is recommended to carefully inspect the pipelines in order to determine their technical condition.. In case of any damage: cracks, fistulas or deep corrosion, it is advisable to replace problem areas. In some cases, the restoration of engineering networks is more expensive than installing new ones. At this stage, it makes sense to attract specialists., who will be able to correctly assess the amount of work to be done and the need for materials.

Composition of the service for the installation of a mixer in Tallinn

Plumbing works are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of component manufacturers. The service for the installation of equipment in certain rooms of a private house or apartment is complex; it includes:
  • Preliminary inspection of utilities and advising the customer on technical and organizational issues.
  • Development of recommendations for the repair of water supply networks, calculation of the required amount and selection of materials and equipment.
  • Determination and coordination of the cost of work performed according to the price list.
  • The actual installation of the mixer in Tallinn at the request of the client in compliance with safety requirements to exclude possible leaks.
  • Connection of plumbing fixtures using quality materials and professional tools.
  • Checking the tightness of pipelines for hot and cold water supply, as well as mounted fittings.
  • Elimination of identified faults in engineering networks and acceptance of work results by the customer.
Upon completion of the installation of plumbing, a supporting document is drawn up, which is a written guarantee of the quality of the operations performed. During the specified period, leaks and other defects are eliminated at the expense of the company in the case of using our materials.

Bathroom: installation of plumbing fixtures

In the overwhelming majority of cases, bathrooms in modern apartments are separate. The installation of faucets in the bathroom is usually carried out separately for the sink and shower. (boxing). At the same time, special attention is paid to the following points:
  • Convenient placement of plumbing fixtures on the wall above the bathroom. The jet of water and splashes from it should not, under no circumstances fall on the floor.
  • This also takes into account the length of the spray hose. (watering can) soul, which should be enough for taking hygiene procedures by an adult.
  • In order to properly install the mixer on the sink, you should choose the most suitable model with a fixed or swivel pipe..
In the course of work, other questions may arise., which are resolved promptly. The process of installing a faucet in a bathroom usually takes several hours, depending on the complexity and other factors.. Various problems can arise along the way., associated with the technical condition of pipelines and may require additional time to be eliminated.

Features of the installation of plumbing equipment in the kitchen

Most food preparation areas have only one sink. This greatly simplifies the installation of the mixer in the kitchen and subsequent connection.. When carrying out plumbing work, the following are taken into account:
  • The need to lay new pipelines from the input node.
  • Availability of additional equipment: filters or water heaters (storage and flow).
During the installation of the mixer, corrugated steel or rubber tubes in a metal braid will be used. The latter are of two types: for hot and cold water with interweaving of red and blue threads, respectively. The tubes cannot be confused, with prolonged exposure to high temperatures on the material, its destruction is possible. When connecting the mixer to the pipelines, it is mandatory to seal the threads using elastic gaskets and FUM tape. This avoids water leaks through the connections.. Наши преимущества Заявки на выполнение работ по монтажу сантехнических приборов принимаются на сайте компании по телефону, if you need a quick replacement of the mixer - our prices are much lower than the market average and this is far from our only advantage:
  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Special tool: professional key sets, soldering irons and welding machines.
  • The highest quality and availability of the materials used, mainly of European origin.
Our specialists have extensive experience in performing plumbing work, including repairs of pipelines of any complexity level. Call or place an order on the website - our employee will contact you.



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