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Chipping walls for pipes

Estimated cost: from 17 €/p.m.

Wall chipping for pipes in Tallinn

Not everyone likes, when the pipeline is in sight and spoils the interior, thought out to the smallest detail (if this, Certainly, no loft). In addition, protruding communications clutter up the room., do not allow you to conveniently install furniture or plumbing. Changing walls for pipes in Tallinn at AVGroup will help to hide engineering networks under finishing and use free space to the maximum.

When can you make strobes

The pipe-laying channel is cut deep enough, which is not acceptable for all walls. Slitting weakens structures, therefore, manipulations can only be performed in partitions or curtain walls. It is strictly forbidden to make any horizontal cuttings in load-bearing walls from any materials.. If the building is constructed of reinforced concrete panels, then slitting of horizontal channels is also not allowed. The working fittings in the slabs are located vertically and are located at a distance of only 20-30 mm from surface. At the slightest damage, the bearing capacity of the structure decreases sharply, which can lead to deformations and even collapse. It is allowed to groove the panels vertically, but without touching the armature. After laying the pipes, the joints must be carefully sealed.. When cutting channels in places, where the electrical wiring is mounted, it is advisable to have a plan of the arrangement of wires at hand. If he is not, special non-contact indicators are used, which allow you to find wiring under plaster or tiles. So that communications do not intersect, pipes can be hidden in the floor screed. This option is often used for heating devices with bottom radiator connections..

Manufacturing technology of strobes

This work is quite laborious., associated with the formation of a large amount of construction waste and dust. To prevent particles from scattering, it is recommended to cover openings with plastic wrap. Preliminarily on the walls, the pipeline trajectory is marked in the form of parallel lines, spaced apart from each other by the width of the channel. It may be slightly larger than the pipe diameter, in some cases, the thickness of the insulation is taken into account. The position of the water sockets is noted, plumbing fixtures. All slopes and angles must match the project, since it is difficult and expensive to redo the work later. When laying strobes under pipes, restrictions must be observed:
  • 150-400 mm from floor or ceiling;
  • not less 100 mm from corners, openings, niche.
A hammer drill is used to process concrete and brick walls., chisel, grinder or special tool - wall chaser. A lot of dust is generated when cutting. So that it does not scatter and pollute the space, an industrial vacuum cleaner is connected. Glasses are used to protect eyes and respiratory organs, masks, respirators. Furrows are cut along the edges of the groove, then the tool selects the middle. You need to work carefully, so as not to break the edges. At the end, the walls and floors are cleaned of dust and debris.

The price of chipping walls for pipes

When calculating the cost, we are guided by the prevailing prices in Tallinn, as well as the complexity and volume of work to be done. We make strobes in the walls:
  • red or white brick;
  • from cast-in-place or precast concrete;
  • in plaster and plasterboard partitions.
Price of a groove for pipes for water supply, sewerage or heating is calculated on 1 running meter of communications. Recesses for plumbing, heated towel rails, water sockets, radiator bends - on 1 installation point. The cost of slitting depends on the depth and length of the canals, and also from the wall material. The hardest thing to work with is reinforced concrete. It has a very dense structure, besides, you need to be careful with the reinforcement. Therefore, the price for grooves in concrete is slightly higher., in a brick or plaster wall.

Wall chipping for pipes in Tallinn

Here you can order the laying of strobes of any complexity. Our staff is well trained and has all the necessary tools, to quality, carry out work quickly and with a minimum amount of dust.



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